Can Workers’ Compensation Claims be Denied?

Can Workers’ Compensation Claims be Denied?
Anyone injured on the job in Orlando, Florida will be very surprised to find out that workers’ comp insurance doesn’t automatically cover all expenses and damages just because an injury occurred at the workplace. When a workers’ comp claim is denied, it is time to hire a private workers’ comp attorney.

Orlando, FL – Although it is mandatory for Orlando employers of four or more employees to carry workers’ comp insurance, this insurance does not automatically pay the accident victim.  There are many instances where the victim will need an experienced workers’ compensation attorney in Orlando to help the victim receive their proper compensation.

One instance when workers’ comp can be denied is if the worker does not notify their employer that they have suffered an accident.  In Florida, workers only have 30 days to notify their employer.

Another instance is self-explanatory:  If the employer can prove that the worker was using alcohol or drugs, the claim can be properly denied.  To protect themselves, most employers will immediately give the worker a drug and alcohol test. A workers’ comp lawyer in Orlando will know how to handle these results and help guide their client through the claim process.

When an Orlando resident has an accident at work, but no one sees it happen, the employer may try to blame the victim.  Since no one saw the accident happen, the employer may say the victim injured himself off the job. This is another instance when the victim should hire a workers’ comp lawyer.

In all of these situations, it is important to immediately call an Orlando workers’ compensation lawyer to protect your rights and to file a meticulously detailed claim to win the proper compensation.

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