Photo Editing Company: Leading post-production services provider for photographers and online businesses in the Philippines.

On a mission to expand our photo editing and photo retouching services, Photo Editing Company is proud to present its wide array of services.

Photo Editing Company is a trusted photo editing services and photo retouching service provider catering to photographers, e-commerce, real estate, jewelers, and other businesses across industries. Through its services, Photo Editing Company provides impactful photos for businesses to use in their marketing and online digital activities.

Founded in 2012, the Philippines-based company has grown and expanded its portfolio over the years. The company has partnered with thousands of companies globally, providing stellar photo editing services composed of photo editors, color specialists, photo retouchers, and senior graphic artists with over 5 years of experience. Our company boasts its vast experience from years of setbacks, failures, and learning the art of the industry. Now they are fully equipped to handle thousands of very high-demanding clients worldwide. This has shaped Photo Editing Company into one of the best post-production companies you can find on major search engines such as Google, Bing, Ask, Yahoo, and Baidu.

“Our people are the key to our success. The loyalty and dedication to delivering high-quality service make us one of the best photo editing companies to work with. Our culture and ability to communicate effectively with clients are the core foundation we instill in our team and customers worldwide.”

Photo retouching services are a high-demand service by photographers and businesses online. The stakes are high because of the competition of thousands of companies online. Photo Editing Company, however, is one of a kind because of its impressive after-sales service. You can also speak directly to the CEO if any problems or concern arises. Clients can request as fast as 6 – 12 hour turn-around times for editing their images. As the digital transformation continues to take shape and more businesses shift to digital platforms, the need for high quality and faster turn-around times is crucial.

We specialize in post-processing or post-production for beginners and professional photographers. We serve as your in-house backend assistant in processing any raw digital image from your camera. We accept different types of raw images from DNG, TIFF, CR2, CR3 ARW, and more. View the Sample Gallery Images that they edit.

Besides the light editing that a photographer can do themselves via Lightroom and Photoshop, Photo Editing Company provides:

–  Selection and Culling in Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop
–  Light and White Balance Adjustments
–  Portrait and Headshot Color Correction
–  High-End Jewelry Retouching
–  Wedding Post Production
–  Real Estate Photo Editing & Virtual Staging
–  Background Removal using Clipping Path
–  Customized High-End Photo Retouching

Photo Editing Company also invites partnerships with other photo retouching companies online. The company offers services to other photo editing companies as well. 

Photo Editing Company also prioritizes the affordability of its services. “We offer cost-effective services to industries in jewelry, real estate, wedding, studio photography, pack shot, headshot, corporate, and eCommerce.”

Photo Editing Company emphasizes the importance of outsourcing photo editing services to the Philippines, specifically to Photo Editing Company noting, “outsourcing your photo editing service saves you time and money.” Check out the benefits of outsourcing your projects. 

To work with Photo Editing Company, send us three RAW images for a free trial editing using our Upload Page; the photo then gets edited according to the client’s instructions. Once satisfied, we can begin editing your first project. The charges of each service are listed on the company website; however, once clients send in their work, the team advises that prices may vary depending on resolution size, volume, and difficulty of work or time it takes.

Speak directly to the CEO if you have any questions or are interested to know more about their services.

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