Running is one of the most common sports in people daily life, What are the benefits of running?

Running is one of the most common sports in people daily life, and it is also the easiest exercise for many people to achieve. After long-term persistence of running, their body will take place from the inside out a lot of beneficial changes. As a professional manufacturer of sports service industry, we can provide customized service for every sports lover. proplre customized products include: all kinds of Sports Socks (including Professional Compression Socks), Sports Protective Equipment and Sports Clothing. And based on their years of experience, here are some of the benefits of running.

1. Lose weight and get in shape

Running to the change of figure first reflected in the waist, hip these two positions. Many people have had such experience: after starting to run for a period of time, there is no significant weight loss, but the figure is significantly improved, especially the waist line becomes more beautiful.Many people think that running may have little effect on weight loss because they don’t stick to it, or they may be running in the wrong way.

2. Disease prevention

According to foreign research reports, people who insist on running for a long time can improve their cardiopulmonary ability, improve their immunity, enhance their resistance, and make their physical quality better. It reduces the risk of breast cancer by 25 percent, cataracts by 35 percent, stomach cancer by 50 percent, depression by 19 percent, and severe heart attacks by 50 percent.

3. Improve eyesight

Modern life and work pressure, need to face the screen for a long time, eyes often in a dry, tired state.While running, the eyes need to look straight ahead, the eyes can be relaxed and rest, to prevent and improve myopia has a very good effect. The need to observe the changing environment while running also relaxes the eyes and reduces the risk of cataracts.

4. Improve the spine

Most people sit in the same way for a long time when they’re working or studying. This easily leads to cervical vertebra, lumbar disc to produce various recessive diseases, and cause back pain.When running, people’s back straight and relaxed, long-term adherence to cervical spine and shoulder will have a very good improvement. Correct running form will relax the body while improving the state of the back and shoulders, improve spine health, reduce back pain and improve spinal disease.

5. Enhance cardiopulmonary function

Mid – and long-distance running can help prevent heart disease by increasing blood circulation and allowing coronary arteries to supply enough blood to the heart muscle. Through the movement of the lower limbs, blood flow from veins to the heart is encouraged and thrombosis in veins is prevented. During exercise, the heart beats more frequently and efficiently, and the heart rate, blood pressure and elasticity of blood vessel walls also increase. If regular long-term running exercise can be carried out, lung breathing muscles can be developed, so that each time the volume of air change is increased, lung capacity can be maximized, lung function can be enhanced.

6. Better Sleep

Medical researchers at Stanford University tested having people with chronic insomnia jog for 20 to 30 minutes every other day. As a result, the time it took to fall asleep was cut in half and sleep time increased by almost an hour.By running, people can move and stretch their body, although they are tired, which will improve their sleep quality and make them feel more energized the next day.

7. Strengthen muscles all over the body

Insist on running, can enhance the lung breathing muscles, heart muscles, neck muscles, chest muscles, arm muscles and waist, buttocks, thighs, calves, feet and other muscles, so that the muscles are not easy to accumulate metabolites such as lactic acid or carbon dioxide. People who run regularly also change their muscle tissue. After a period of exercise, they will find that the muscles in their legs will become very strong and toned.

8. Strengthen bones

In addition to making proplr’s body stronger and more muscular, running can also increase bone density. Long-term adherence to running can improve the strength of each joint and the softness of ligaments; And increase the bone strength, density, to avoid people to the old age from degenerative osteoporosis.

9. Getting younger 

Stick to running, a short time may not see obvious changes, but after three or five years of long-term persistence, they can see obvious changes. Running can improve people’s appearance and spirit, making us look more energetic, more graceful and youthful. No wonder people often say that running is the best maintenance product.

10. Relax and decompress

When we are running, people’s brains release dopamine, which makes us feel happy and happy. So insist on running, virtually pressure and mood will be released, effectively improve the state of depression and anxiety. It will make their body and mind more happy, more peaceful, which is better for us to deal with the problems of daily work and life.

Points to note in running:

In order for running to have better health benefits, here are some other things to take note of: 1. Choose running shoes that are lightweight and resilient. Also, don’t forget to choose a special pair of sports socks. 2. If there are conditions, try to choose plastic track and field and green road; if there are no conditions, try to choose the road with fewer vehicles and pay attention to safety.3. Wear a device that monitors their heart rate and adjust their running pace. Average distance runners should aim for 65 to 79 percent of their maximum heart rate (220 minus age), and seniors should aim for less than 125 beats per minute.4. Warm up before and stretch after runs to prevent lactic acid buildup and muscle soreness.5. Pay attention to water after exercise. If people run more than 10 kilometers, they should water every 20 minutes, about 200~300 ml each time.6. Take part in marathon according to their ability: If ytheir monthly running capacity reaches 120~160 km, then they may run half marathon is enough; Only when their monthly running amount reaches 200~240 km they can challenge the whole marathon.

Finally, we can also wear sports protective gear to achieve protection during sports. Want to know what they can wear to protect their body? Click the picture to learn more!

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