Kunstplaza Touted As The Foremost Destination For Premium Quality Contemporary Art

Kunstplaza Touted As The Foremost Destination For Premium Quality Contemporary Art
The platform houses an impressive online gallery filled with the finest contemporary paintings, as well as the great works of legendary artists.

Kunstplaza is currently being touted by art lovers all over the world, as the foremost destination for finding premium quality contemporary art. Designed to address the inefficiencies and limitations of physical art galleries and auctions, the new platform provides artists and dealers with a highly versatile online gallery, for uploading their works and selling their art over the internet.

Although no sector of the global economy was spared from the harsh consequences of the coronavirus pandemic, the art community – and the world of entertainment, in particular, were hit harder than most. The mass lockdowns, and social distancing laws banning large gatherings, crippled many artists and galleries, who were forced to either cancel or postpone their exhibitions indefinitely.

However, through its new platform, Kunstplaza is allowing artists and other creatives to directly connect with lovers of their pieces, wherever they are in the world. The new platform is a global community of art lovers and enthusiasts, supported by some of the best and brightest artists, art journalists, and gallery owners in the space.

“As an artist, on Kunstplaza you can exhibit your artworks in the online gallery, sell art online and promote it through our social media. Registered members can get involved in the community and actively make valuable contacts with like-minded people, receive feedback on their work and much more…”

From limited edition fine art and wall art pieces to famous paintings by legendary artists such as Picasso and Artemisia Gentileschi, as well as the great works of the American visual artist, Andy Warhol, Kunstplaza offers art lovers a treasure trove of both contemporary and medieval paintings.

Made to truly put the power in the hands of the creators, the new platform is completely free to operate and charges zero fees or commissions from the sale of any of the artworks in its gallery. Additionally, art lovers can also subscribe to the Kunstplaza magazine to enjoy articles, information and tips about art, design and culture.

To register and begin uploading art for sale on the platform or to check out the amazing collection of art in the online gallery, visit the website or reach out to Kunstplaza via the contact info below.

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