Jacson Marçal is a writer, Autistic, lover of Technology who has been changing the vision of Marketing in the World.

Writer and Marketing Specialist has been changing the market with his expertise that encompasses unique tools to make your project take off.
“Today we are able to measure the price that the product needs to have to start a healthy leverage, calculate the average time we spend and jointly build a schedule where everything is interconnected.”

When we talk about Marketing, we need to be aware that there are several tools and techniques that significantly improve the results of your products and services, with a wide range of options that help and improve the performance of your Business, Jacson Marçal Pereira de Jesus, born in Goiânia, fiancé of Maria Karoline, sons of Silvanete Pereira de Lima and Marcos Euripedes, known in the business world as JacsonFear, believes that this business model strengthens companies, creates in Goiânia, Goiás the first real market research tool updated for this new digital age.

Jacson Marçal, a specialist in Consumer Neuroscience, has all its structure and foundations based on the American model, he points out;

“I believe that every client needs to have the best experience when searching for results, so market research must always exist, with real filters on the niche that the client wants to reach, audience and turnaround time. Today we are able to measure the price that the product needs to have to start a healthy leverage, calculate the average time we spend and jointly build a schedule where everything is interconnected.”

The tools that measure results are already being used all over the world, today we observe that a lot of time has been wasted in the search for results and to bring the best experience to the customer, Jacson Marçal is already updated for this new era, some of the tools used today they provide services such as:

• Market intelligence, audience research and engagement. • Market intelligence and price research. • Complete study of social networks. • Organic engagement. • Analysis and indication of Digital Influencers. • Social media verification badge. • Creation of websites and visual identity.

In addition to numerous other services provided by Jacson Marçal, he wants to create a broad communication model, through social networks, courses and lectures, where he can train and include people with Autism and other comorbidities and coexisting conditions.

“I want to give people the same opportunities they gave me, at a time when few people had access to technology, I could see a stark difference between people who were able to access the internet in the 2000s.

I was able to go through this entire digital age, my time was divided between studies, work, I had many problems in companies that did not know how to give me adequate support, where managers took advantage of my knowledge, and the same continues to happen with people who do not have privileges. and access to quality education.

Today I know how important this integration is, I want to change this scenario, bringing a totally new, remodeled scenario where people can study, learn methods that improve their performance as a professional without having to hide their autistic essence, the person will be able to continue specializing in areas such as Technology, Mechanics and Medicine, markets that are still on the rise and strong growth prospects for the coming years.”

A person who thinks about social and brings technology grouped in its essence always tends to improve in the face of adversity, today we are going through a new digital age, where only people who know how to deal with social and bring the best results, I am one of the few people capable of establishing themselves in this scenario. In addition to all my expertise, people need to look for these updates daily.

Making a good reading of your company, reformulating your visual identity, applying tactics that bring organic results, shows preparation for this new digital era, being aware of all options will always put your products and services ahead of the competition,

Meet Jacson Marçal at @jacsonfear on Instagram.

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