The Canada eTA launched by the Government of Canada in 2015 can be used for Tourism, Business Trip, and Transit visits

The Government of Canada implemented electronic travel authorization in 2015 for all the eligible countries. Citizens of Visa waiver countries can use this e-Visa to enter Canada for different purposes like tourism, transit, or business-related visits.

Canada Visa Online is an electronic travel document mandatory for all foreign citizens who plan to visit Canada. This e-Visa can be considered as a replacement for the ordinary paper obtained via the Canadian embassy. Applicants can now apply for Canada eTA through without visiting the embassy or any other offices. They can just fill out the application form provided on the website by uploading the necessary documents. The basic requirements for this purpose are a valid passport, email id, and credit or debit card.

The e-Visa is received directly to the email, which makes it completely secure. There is no need to worry about email loss, as email recovery services are also available.

Canada Via for British Colombia citizens

British Colombia citizens can obtain Canada e-Visa easily by visiting Applying via this website is the best-secured way to get an e-Visa. The applicants can choose their desired place and time to make the application, and it can be done within five minutes using a mobile phone.

Canada Visa for Swedish citizens

All Swedish citizens can use Canada Visa Online to get into Canada via the airways. They can use this e-Visa to visit the country for short tourism, business, and transit visits. As it is a mandatory document all citizens must possess it to enter Canada. Currently, Canada Visa Online allows Swedish citizens to stay in the country for 90 days. They can also make short-duration visits for even one day or more if needed. A multiple entry facility is also available which can be used to visit Canada repeatedly. To be completely eligible to apply for the e-Visa the applicant must be in good health and should not have a criminal history.

The complete guide is provided at, which will make it easier for the applicant to apply for the e-Visa. The list of all the eligibility criteria, requirements, and all other essential information available in it. For further instruction or knowledge, the applicants can make use of customer support and assistance. They will guide the applicant through the Visa application by clearing their problems.

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