La Jolla Tree Service Experts Impresses New Client With After Service Cleanup

La Jolla, California – A company that has always worked hard to ensure its customers are getting maximum benefits when they pay for a tree maintenance procedure, La Jolla Tree Service Experts has impressed a new customer after serving her for the first time. Stella had invited the company to handle a large tree trimming procedure—this was the first time she was using the company.

A close friend recommended La Jolla Tree Service Experts just last week,” said Stella. “The family has been living in this city for nearly 10 years. However, since no one had heard about the company, La Jolla Tree Service Experts had not handled tree maintenance services on the landscape before.”

Stella noted that she had been changing the teams handling tree maintenance on her landscape every year.

The family could not work with the same tree maintenance company for more than one year simultaneously,” said Stella. “The family had to shift between companies because each company the family tried ended up having some type of problem—in most cases, the results generated by the companies were unsatisfactory.”

Last year, for example, the family used a company that boasted years of experience only to realize later that the company had lied about its expertise,” said Stella. “The company mutilated the trees on the landscape in the name of tree trimming. For the rest of the year, the family had to live on a landscape hosting some of the ugliest trees.”

The homeowner reportedly contacted La Jolla Tree Service Experts this year after getting a recommendation from a friend who had been using its services for years. Stella noted that the friend gave the company glowing reviews, mentioning that the company has always generated great results for her landscape.

A family friend had to point the family to a good team after visiting and seeing what the previous tree trimming team had done to the trees,” said Stella. “She noted that she had experienced similar issues with tree care companies before discovering La Jolla Tree Service Experts.”

Stella noted that on hearing the name of the company, she simply grabbed her computer and decided to take a deeper look at the company. She was surprised to learn that the company has been operating in La Jolla for more than 25 years.

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The company did not just have a detailed website showing its various operations,” said Stella, “the family also found a Google My Business page for the company. The Google My Business page had glowing reviews left behind by happy clients. Even after being in business for more than 2.5 decades, La Jolla Tree Service Experts had managed to maintain a perfect rating on the platform.”

The homeowner reportedly called the company immediately. He requested the company for a quotation to see if its team could improve the trees on her landscape at an affordable price.

The price charged by La Jolla Tree Service Experts was more than 30% cheaper compared to what the family had paid the company that messed the trees,” said Stella. “What the family did not know is that La Jolla Tree Service Experts did not just handle tree maintenance services as other companies do—the company also goes ahead and helps with after-service cleanup. For the first time since the company started improving its trees, the landscape was left without waste—for this simple reason, the family will keep using the services offered by La Jolla Tree Service Experts.”

La Jolla Tree Service Experts offices are located at 850 Prospect St, La Jolla, CA 92037, United States. The company can be contacted at +1 619-566-1863 and [email protected].

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