Santa Cruz Tree Service Experts Fixes Trees After Improper Tree Trimming

Santa Cruz, California – After moving to his new property in Santa Cruz, Tammy Brooks made the mistake of hiring a Santa Cruz tree trimming team that did not have enough experience. The team put a lot of damage on his trees, forcing Tammy Brooks to seek help from the more experienced Santa Cruz Tree Service Experts.

Santa Cruz Tree Service Experts worked with Tammy Brooks to help his trees recover. Impressed with the company’s knowledge and experience, Tammy Brooks reports that he plans to make Santa Cruz Tree Service Experts the go-to company for tree maintenance procedures.

The family bought a home that hadn’t received tree service in several years,” said Tammy Brooks. “The first tree service team the family hired did not have the necessary tree trimming knowledge. Being new in Santa Cruz, however, the family did not know which company had enough experience and which one didn’t.”

After working with the inexperienced tree trimming team,” added Tammy, “the family ended up with unattractive trees that carried imbalanced crowns. Some of the trees appeared distressed.”

Tammy Brooks noted that after the first tree trimming procedure, his landscape looked unkempt. The homeowner had to find an experienced company to improve his trees.

To find a company the family could trust and rely on,” said Tammy, “the wife had to talk to several neighbors who had good-looking trees. Almost every homeowner the wife talked to mentioned that the trees had been improved by Santa Cruz Tree Service Experts. This suggested that if the family wanted good-looking trees, the company to hire was Santa Cruz Tree Service Experts.”

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Tammy reportedly called Santa Cruz Tree Service Experts on a Sunday evening and requested a quotation for the tree trimming procedure. The company was more than happy to send a professional to inspect Tammy’s trees and provide the quotation.

A tree service expert came to visit the landscape on the same Sunday evening,” said Tammy. “Although the family had called at around 4 pm, the company didn’t mind that it was a weekend and already too late. After checking out the trees, the professional provided a very affordable estimate. Happy with the overall cost, the family requested the professional to send a team the next day for tree trimming.”

Santa Cruz Tree Service Experts reportedly arrived with advanced tree maintenance tools on Monday morning. Working hard to improve the trees on Tammy’s landscape, the team eliminated imbalances, fixed injured branches, and gave the trees a shape that complemented their surroundings.

Unlike the first tree trimming procedure,” said Tammy, “the family decided to watch the tree trimming progress. The goal of remaining home on the tree trimming day was so that the family could catch any mistakes before the Santa Cruz tree trimming team left. However, with Santa Cruz Tree Service Experts, there were no mistakes to catch. The company delivered great results.”

To understand why the first tree trimming team damaged Tammy’s trees, reporters contacted the Santa Cruz Tree Service Experts CEO.

To most people,” said the Santa Cruz Tree Service Experts CEO, “tree trimming seems like a procedure that involves cutting and removing random branches from the tree crown. This, however, is not the case – before trimming a tree, one has to have enough knowledge of the tree’s biology and natural appearance. This eliminates the risks of injuring the tree or removing the wrong branches. The team that had worked with Tammy Brooks was inexperienced. Working with experts eliminates the need to worry about tree health.”


Santa Cruz Tree Service Experts base of operation is located at 1005 Cedar St, 95060 Santa Cruz, CA. The company, however, can be contacted via 831-204-0921 [email protected].

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