Bakersfield Tree Service Recommended in a Review by New Client


Bakersfield, California – A company that boasts the ability to satisfy its customers, Bakersfield Tree Service has earned the respect of a new client. The company reportedly helped the homeowner trim his trees yesterday. This was after the homeowner—Jackson—hired a different team that ended up damaging his trees. According to Jackson, Bakersfield Tree Service managed to fix the damage and leave his entire landscape looking great.


“The family purchased this home about 2 months ago,” said Jackson. “One of the things that attracted the family to the home is its affordable price—and every member of the family knew that the affordability was made possible by the improper-looking curb appeal. If the curb appeal was looking good, this home would have had a much higher price tag.”

The homeowner noted that after acquiring the home, the first thing he had to do was invest in tree improvement. While the unkempt landscape had helped him save money on the purchase, he wanted to live in an environment that looked great.

“The family paid the first tree trimming team about $10,000 to fix the trees,” said Jackson. “The problem, however, is that the family did not know the team was inexperienced. The team went ahead and did a very bad job on the trees—they left the trees with an imbalanced look.”

The homeowner noted that after a major argument with the tree service team, they agreed to refund more than 60% of the money they had been paid.

“The team agreed that they did not know how to handle tree maintenance professionally,” said Jackson. “Therefore, their leader refunded 65% of the money the family had paid. This was a major loss for the family since a different team had to work on the trees to improve and fix the damage.”

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The homeowner noted that finding a tree trimming team he could trust was not that easy. Being new in the region, Jackson had to talk to several homeowners to know the companies they had been using to maintain perfect-looking landscapes. Jackson was surprised when the name Bakersfield Tree Service came up too often.

“Everyone the family talked to ended up mentioning Bakersfield Tree Service,” said Jackson. “The family had to do further research to better understand the company these homeowners were talking about.”

“Online,” added Jackson, “the company had a very attractive website. The website noted that the company has been operating in Bakersfield for more than 25 years. What’s more, the company boasted the best tree maintenance tools.”

The homeowner reportedly found a Google My Business page for Bakersfield Tree Service. This page turned out to be a goldmine for the information he was looking for.

“The Google My Business page carried testimonials written by homeowners who had used Bakersfield Tree Servicein the past,” said Jackson. “These homeowners were more than happy to appreciate Bakersfield Tree Service for a job well done. Even with tens of customer testimonials, the company had managed to maintain a perfect rating of 5 stars.”

The homeowner called Bakersfield Tree Service and requested tree trimming. The company reportedly spent the whole of yesterday working on Jackson’s trees. By the time the team of tree-cutting professionals was done, the trees had a brand-new appearance.

Bakersfield Tree Service managed to fix the damage done by the previous team,” said Jackson. “The company improved the trees making the entire landscape look lively. From today, Bakersfield Tree Service will be the go-to company for tree services. Also, this is a company the family will recommend to friends.”

Bakersfield Tree Service’s base of operation is located at 2511 M St, Bakersfield, CA 93301, United States. The company can be contacted at +1 661-231-6160 and [email protected].

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