Super-Kayak launches new Binana catamaran kayak raft – that is claimed to help save lives of paddlers

Super-Kayak launches new Binana catamaran kayak raft - that is claimed to help save lives of paddlers
Stability at sea – means increased safety. Just launched on Kickstarter

July 23rd, 2022 – Super-Kayak has just launched their new catamaran offering – aiming to reduce the risk of capsizing and increase safety for paddlers. They made their debut last year with another Kickstarter campaign that got successfully funded in just 4 days.

This time they have a simpler design, at a lower cost, more user friendly and critically – offering unparalleled stability for such small kayak type craft – thus allowing less experienced or skillful people to participate in paddling whilst reducing the inherent risk of capsizing the small craft.

The 2 most common cause of death whilst paddling are drowning and hypothermia, and so staying afloat, upright and dry reduces these risks. Obviously this is not a substitute for a life vest (pfd) and common sense but nevertheless – a stride in the right direction.

UK founder – innovator Kirk Kirchev claims simply that “stability means safety” and has worked to improve on features that also allow easy boarding in case of capsize.

Binana has just launched on Kickstarter here – BINANA – The catamaran kayak raft that can save your life

Kirk has been previously known for designing innovative gear at another successful startup – Tentsile tree tents – an enterprise that won many a design awards and international recognition. Now at Super-Kayak he is aiming to disrupt the paddling sport with new unique and practical designs.

The full range of products and specs can be found at the company website here:

Catamarans and other multihulls are known for their stability at sea as well as the improved hydrodynamics that allows them a more slim and efficient hull profile. This is why they began winning sailing regattas back in the 80s so much so that now they race in their own separate category. This philosophy of design is now being brought into the paddling domain.

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