Boutique Tour Company Return Refreshed Offers Wellness Travel with Heart

Offering Luxury Wellness Journeys at a slower pace of travel, offering long-lasting rejuvenation, relational connection, and inspiration.

As the world begins to heal from the traumatic effects of COVID-19, a new US-based wellness tour operator has taken the stage: Return Refreshed. This female-owned company, based in Northeast Florida provides small-group wellness tours and retreats that blend rejuvenation and mindful exploration with the intention that guests return home refreshed.

Exploration, relaxation, and inner reflection are top priorities at Return Refreshed, whose core values are DELIGHT, DISCOVER, REJUVENATE. “Within the first few days of travel to a new place, your mind and senses are open in a way that does not often happen in everyday life,” states owner and CEO Erica Pollock. “You notice new smells, new sites, new surroundings, with fresh eyes. We take advantage of this opening of the senses, to enhance the inner journey to be found in your travel experience. We provide the space and guidance for you to look inward, and begin to find balance and refreshment again. The self-discoveries your make along the way are now associated with happy travel memories, which enhance and deepen the lasting effects.”

Examples of some of the wellness practices guests can experience on a Return Refreshed trip are shinrin-yoku (a Japanese wellness practice that roughly translates as “forest bathing”), subconscious coaching (also known as hypnosis), Christian contemplation, and yoga. Guests explore what Pollock calls “Global Tranquility Wisdoms” — words and wellness practices that exist in some parts of the world, which many American travelers have yet to explore fully.

“Often, we don’t even have an English word for these lovely concepts from other countries,” explains Pollock, who has a background in applied linguistics. “To understand them better, a deeper dive into culture is needed, and we have lots of fun with this!”

Embracing a slow-travel perspective that says no to F.O.M.O., Pollock states, “We usually choose off-the-beaten path locales with lots of natural beauty, all over the world. French Alpine mineral springs. Japanese national parks and onsens (hot spring public baths). The California Sierras. And more.

“Savvy travelers are steering clear of the over-visited tourist stops these days, and are looking for a more authentic travel experience.” She adds, “If we can take you somewhere you’ve never heard of, away from the hustle and bustle, then we know we’re doing something right. We know you’ll be more likely to rub shoulders with locals, take in the cultural and natural rhythms of a locale, and have space and time to look inward for your own growth as well.” Curated especially for busy professionals who already value and prioritize wellness, each group is accompanied by a wellness expert, such as a yoga instructor, a subconscious coach, or a forest and nature therapy guide. Guests benefit from mindful exploration, local wellness experiences, and unique insights from each wellness expert.

Collaborative corporate retreats and incentive trips are also available through Return Refreshed, helping companies to prioritize employee wellness and team building.

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