Kruminsh brings the ultimate tutorials, tips and tricks to help those looking to grow their online business

The blog, which is run by Aleksej Kruminsh, a renowned Latvian-based digital expert, offers tutorials, tips and tricks, e-commerce cases, and best practices on how to get new customers.

With pandemic-induced restrictions in recent years spurring more online shops in the global market, Kruminsh, a leading blog site, has stepped up efforts to help entrepreneurs and business owners grow their online businesses. 

The blog is run by Aleksej Kruminsh, a digital marketing consultant from Riga, Latvia, who has worked with some of the top e-commerce brands to elevate their paid-social ad campaign as well as manage their mail marketing communication. 

One of Kruminsh’s latest articles on the blog tackled the five best marketing planning software tools to help businesses crus their next campaign.

Citing marketing automation’s crucial role for small and medium businesses, utilizing a marketing planning tool helps businesses automate many of the tasks associated with digital marketing execution and project planning.

While there is no one-size-fits-all answer when it comes to marketing planning software or project management solution, Aleksej says the best marketing planning tool for a business team depends on its specific needs and goals.

Another recent article published by Kruminsh provides the ultimate tips and tricks for individuals looking to start a digital marketing agency but have no experience.

Those who seriously want to get into this promising field, Aleksej advises, should take a course in online marketing or a digital agency or even begin at an advertising agency as a manager.

He also provided some important insights to help entrepreneurs start the ball rolling. Some tips include understanding things more like an employer, choosing the kind of service to provide, defining the niche, building trust with clients by creating a professional-looking website is necessary, and finding an experienced mentor or partner who has experience in creating a digital marketing agency.

“Apart from digital marketing, entrepreneurs should make sure to include other services in their agency, such as website development, ORM, etc. Doing this will only add skills to their agency portfolio and added points in the agency’s reputation,” explains Aleksej.

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