$22,618, 22 years old broke college kid Chakman finally discovered his PT school dream is oversold

$22,618, 22 years old broke college kid Chakman finally discovered his PT school dream is oversold
Upgrowth is more than just a digital marketing agency. We provide marketing services for Physical Therapy, Chiropractor, and Health Care Practice that actually works.

Chakman is a 22 years old college kid who started his business in a rented bedroom in the summer of 2022.

With the goal of trying to make a couple thousands bucks a month to pay for his college tuition.

Because his parents will be fully retired by the end of 2022.


He realized that it’s not about the money,

It’s about living a life that he is truly proud of himself.

Living a life with no regrets and no what if

Living a life that he is able to give back to his family, friends, and everyone who has helped him along the way.

And waking up every morning and knowing that all these will happen if he is willing to put in the work.

Because he realized what he is doing could mean so much more.

Instead of becoming a PT who works in a small clinic.

Only helping a few patients at a time to fix their back pain.

He could help practice owners find more patients.

So that they could help a lot more people to regain their health and do a lot more good in the world.

Upgrowth’s Mission:

One of Chakman’s favorite quotes is ‘If You Have A Scarcity Mindset, You Will Never Attract Abundance In Your Life’.

This holds true for both his business and personal life.

However, most small agency owners have a Taking Mindset.

How much money can I take from this client?

How much more can I upsell him?

Chakman wants his clients to succeed, Even more than himself


Because Their Interests Are Aligned.

The better result his clients get,​Not only is Their Win.

It’s also His Win, Upgrowth’s Win.

Instead of grabbing every opportunity to sell his services to everyone.​His beliefs It’s more important to stay true to his own beliefs.

Upgrowth’s Approach:

Instead of communicating via multiple platforms,

Upgrowth prefers a Streamline Approach.

One And Only One Communication Platform. ​

So that Upgrowth could actually spend the time to deliver results.

And to be completely transparent with what Upgrowth do,

Upgrowth will send weekly updates and have bi-weekly meetings.

Because Chakman understands the money his clients invest on Upgrowth is their Hard-Earned Money. ​

They want to know what Upgrowth do with their money,

And Chakman knows his clients Absolutely Have The Right To Do So.

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