What is a whole-house water treatment solution?

Almost everyone knows that water purification is very important, that there are different kinds of water, such as soft water, hard water, pure water, and there are different water purification devices on the market. How it works and how to choose it?

The concept of water:

First, let’s clarify a few concepts about “water” so that we can know more clearly how to purify water in the whole house

● Raw water is tap water or deep well water supplied by the water company. This water is found in an environment that has not been treated and does not have any of its minerals, ions, particles, bacteria, or parasites removed

● Clean water is water after primary coarse filtration, such as water filtered by a pre-filter.

● Soft water contains lower levels of calcium or magnesium than hard water.

● Pure water is water purified by reverse osmosis, and contains no harmful impurities, nor does it contain trace elements or minerals. So, it can be drinking directly

● Mineral water is water purified by ultrafiltration, devoid of harmful impurities, and retains beneficial minerals.

What is whole-house water treatment solution? 

There are 5 main types of whole house water filters: pre-filter, central filter, water softener, countertop filtered water dispenser/water filter pitcher, instant hot water piping machine. Each filter addresses a different contaminant or water quality issue, so the right filter for you will depend on a thorough understanding of the composition of your water.

● Pre-filter: It’s used to remove large particles of impurities such as sediment, rust, insect eggs, etc., and helps to extend the primary filter media’s life.

● Central water purifier: it’s responsible for purifying drinking water and domestic water in the whole house, inhibiting microbial growth, and removing residual chlorine, some heavy metals, odors, tastes, and colors from water.

● Central water softener: it’s mainly used to remove the calcium, magnesium, and certain other metal cations by ion-exchange resins to soften the water.

● Countertop filtered water dispenser/water filter pitcher: it can be mainly categorized into ultrafiltration, microfiltration, and reverse osmosis (RO) filtration. Water from the most efficient RO filtration system can be consumed directly.

● Instant hot water piping machine: it provides direct heating of water, which is used with a RO water purifier installed under the cabinet, in the living area, or kitchen.

As the picture show, we can see that the water treated in the pre-filter and the central water purifier starts to be diverted:

Water softeners can be chosen for water used in the toilet or bathroom on a daily basis.

For drinking water in the kitchen, we can use a countertop filtered water dispenser, a water filter pitcher, or an instant hot water piping machine.

Why do people need to install whole-house water treatment solutions?

With the increasing global water pollution, traditional methods can no longer meet the needs of household water purification. The harmful substances remaining in the water will not only be ingested by the mouth but may also enter the human body through the nasal cavity, skin, and other channels, endangering the health of the body. What’s more, if the hardness of daily water is high, it may shorten the lifespan of wading appliances. This may cause stiff clothes, dry skin, and hair, or some other problems. So, the quality of freshwater is inseparable from the quality of life.

Why Filter tech?

Filter tech provides OEM/ODM services in whole-house water treatment solutions, from the point of entry (POE) to the point of use (POU), our main products now include sediment filters, water filters, reverse osmosis systems for homes, water dispensers, and filter cartridges, which are certified to quality standards, including NSF, WQA, IAPMO, and WRAS, etc., and obtained 260 industrial core technologies patents.

● R&D center with 120+ higher education engineers, undertaking product design, surface finishing technology, mechanism, electronics, and filter research.

● l In-house lab equipped with 8 NSF testing machines, which can perform full inspections.

● Self-owned factory with 40,000sqm specialized in water filtration, over 400 advanced injection machines, 8 automatic electroplating lines10 physical vapor deposition devices, and ship for brass manufacturing, which can meet different needs of customers’ requirements.

● Professional CS team prompt to respond within the first 24 hours and assist clients in providing solutions within 48 hours.

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