Breathe Cnrgy Launches Its Caffeinated Personal Diffuser To Great Response 

Their new caffeinated diffuser has become the talk of the town as it lasts longer and tastes better than any other product on the market.

The early risers and the late nighters have good news coming their way as up-and-coming aromatherapy company Breathe Cnrgy has finally launched its much-awaited Caffeinated Personal Diffuser, starting at just $20. The Cnrgy diffuser contains zero nicotine, zero THC, and zero CBD, with caffeine, mint, and vitamin B12 among its main ingredients.

Speaking about their launch, A.J.A, Co-founder of Breathe Cnrgy said, “Unlike our competition, our diffuser lasts longer and tastes much better and gives the user more energy.” “Our $20 price point is much cheaper than buying an energy drink daily,” Stated Jared B, Co-founder of Breathe Cnrgy.

As evident, Breathe Cnrgy was created by two young entrepreneurs who found a great solution for college students or any laborers to get through their school or work day. As of now, the company is currently solely focused on their mint caffeinated diffuser 

While the company plans to launch its caffeinated diffuser in October, they are currently accepting preorders to build anticipation. Breathe Cnrgy also unveiled its plans to launch three more flavors by the spring of 2023.

More details about their upcoming product can be found at their website

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