NFT project “TORIX” invites Thai listed companies to Seoul to hold business meet-up and expands the ecosystem around the world

실내, 사람, 회의실이(가) 표시된 사진

자동 생성된 설명

The NFT project ‘Torix‘ of ‘SOOBAK Lab’ will enter the Thai NFT market, one of the Southeast Asian markets.

On July 18th, ‘SOOBAK Lab’ invited officials from various Thai companies in Thailand such as entertainment, travel, finance, fashion, distribution, energy, and blockchain to Korea. The ‘Torix NFT’ team successfully held a business meetup related to entering Thailand.

The number one premium paper brand in Asia Double A, ‘Samitivej PLC’, a subsidiary of Thailand’s largest hospital group ‘BDMS’, and Thailand’s first listed game company ‘YGGDRAZIL Group’ participated.

In addition, more than 20 listed and outstanding companies in Thailand participated.

실내, 벽, 커튼이(가) 표시된 사진

자동 생성된 설명

Torix is characterized by having an NFT business model that can collaborate with various companies, artists, and contents. The NFT project ‘Torix’ has received love calls from various companies since its launch in February.

SOOBAK Lab, a content company that operates the Torix NFT Project, has won multiple awards in global design awards and has a global design portfolio such as Burberry and Pepsi.

It also maintains the top tier in the NFT field on the global portfolio site ‘Behance’.

In addition, it ranked 2nd globally in the NFT ranking platform ‘mintscore’ and was introduced as a main in the NFT exchange ‘OpenSea’.

Torix Team CMO ‘Youmin’ said, “Collaboration with famous Thai companies is a good opportunity not only to provide various benefits to Torix NFT holders, but also to expand cooperation in the NFT field using Torix IP with various companies around the world.”

Torix Team Founder &CEO ‘Jun’ said, “According to Statista, Germany’s consumer data company, Thailand has the largest number of NFT users in the world in 2021, and we will do our best to promote Torix project in Thailand and carry out various collaborations with global companies.”

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