Canada Visa For Greek Citizens And Romanian Citizens


How can I obtain a visa to Canada from Greece?

Greek nationals must fill out an online application form for a Canada visa for Greek citizens, which takes no more than five minutes to complete. The applicant must include personal data from their passport page and contact and job information. The candidate must be in perfect health and be free of criminal convictions. Greek nationals can apply online on this website for a Canada visa and receive an email confirmation once approved. For Greeks, the process is straightforward.

After the funds have been made, your Canada visa for Greek citizens application will begin to be processed. Canada eTA is delivered through email. Once Greek citizens have provided all the information on the online application form. When the online credit card payment is accepted, they’ll receive a Canada visa by email. Rarely could the applicant be notified before Canada eTA approval if more paperwork is required.

How long is the Canada Visa Online valid for Greek citizens?

Greek nationals must depart within 90 days of entry. Whether short or long their trip is, Greek passport holders need a Canada Electronic Travel Authority (Canada eTA). If Greek nationals desire to stay longer, they should apply for the appropriate visa based on their circumstances. The five-year validity of the Canada ETA. For the five (5) years that the Canada eTA is in effect, Greek nationals are allowed multiple submissions.

Canadian Visa Requirements For Greek

To apply for a Canada eTA, Greek nationals must have a current passport or other acceptable travel documents. Since the Canada eTA will be associated with the passport selected during the application procedure, Greek nationals having passports from other countries must make sure they apply using the same passport they would use on their trip. Canada Immigration stores the eTA electronically along with the passport, so no paperwork is required at the airport.


Romanians using non-electronic passports will require a regular Canada visa for Romania citizens to travel to Canada. The only Romanian citizens who can continue flying or transiting through a Canadian airport with a valid Electronic Travel Authorization are those who also possess a valid electronic passport (eTA).


A Canadian eTA application is a quick and easy process. The application form is easily accessible to Romanian people via the Canada Online Visa website.

In addition to essential passport information like the passport number and dates of issuance and expiration, applicants must provide certain personal information like name, date of birth, occupation, and contact information.

In addition, there are several health- and security-related questions on the application form. Romanian applicants can then pay the Canada visa for Romania citizens processing charge. Before submitting the application, it is crucial to double-check that all the information supplied is accurate and matches the information on the passport. This is because even minor application faults might delay the data’s processing or the denial of the eTA.

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