40 Cal Dog Training Academy & Kennel is a trusted name in dog care and obedience training

The training provided through 40 Cal strengthens the bond between owner and pet for a safer and more enjoyable relationship.

40 Cal Dog Training Academy & Kennel provides basic obedience and behavioral modification training for any type of dog or puppy breed. The family-owned business is run out of their home for a more comfortable training experience for the dog.

More than 63 million American households own at least one dog, and nearly half of dog owners invest in dog training each year. Dog training builds a common language that allows owners and pets to communicate better and have a more fulfilling relationship. 

In addition, training a dog is a vital part of teaching them social skills, so they know how to behave around houseguests and other dogs. Failure to properly train a dog can result in destructive or aggressive behaviors.


Choosing a dog trainer

There are several factors to consider when choosing a dog trainer. First, think about what the dog needs to learn. For example, is learning basic command skills enough, or is more extensive obedience training or rehabilitation required? 

Next, think about the ethics involved in the training methods. Some trainers may use choke chains or shock collars, while others stick with positive reinforcement. For instance, 40 Cal Dog Training Academy & Kennel uses a psychology-based approach rather than relying on bribery methods.

Consider a trainer’s experience and check their references. Credible trainers will share client testimonials and post videos of their training exercises. Finally, ensure the trainer includes the dog owner in the training process. Even if training requires the dog to be removed from its home for some time, trainers should clearly state their methods and goals.

At 40 Cal, dogs that need leash training or are aggressive undergo a two-week instruction that includes being boarded. However, 40 Cal boards trainees in its home-based business rather than outdoor kennels. 


The 40 Cal difference

40 Cal Dog Training Academy & Kennel’s home-run training service offers several advantages to traditional facility-based training services:

–  By operating out of their home, 40 Cal offers clients a more personalized and cost-effective solution to their dog training needs.
–  Larger dog training facilities keep dogs caged or crated when they aren’t actively training. At 40 Cal, the pet is part of a pack.
–  Home-based training mimics the pet’s home environment, so the dog learns how to respond to guests and visitors.
–  The desired behaviors gained through training will translate more efficiently when the dog returns home.

Pet owners are welcome to visit their dogs during the training process, and 40 Cal sends daily or weekly text messages, pictures, and videos to keep owners updated. In addition, 40 Cal offers transportation services, dog walking, boarding, doggie daycare, puppy consulting and training, and crate training.


40 Cal Dog Training Academy & Kennel has been featured on NBC, CBS, and FOX for its successful dog training methods. It provides efficient and effective obedience and behavior modification training in an environment that’s welcoming and comfortable for pets and their owners.

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