How To Profitably Invest In Stocks Of Oil And Gas Companies With Little Money

Consider how to prepare for investing in stocks of oil and gas companies.

Every investor wants to make a profit from the funds invested in the shares of a particular company. For this reason, investors spend a lot of time researching the stock market and also analyzing the attractiveness of stocks in different industries. One of the most promising ways to make money is to invest in oil and gas stocks as they perform well in the stock market. In this article, we will consider how to prepare for investing in stocks of oil and gas companies.

Choose the right sector to invest

Recently, investing in oil reserves has become riskier due to the rapid collapse in world oil prices. Despite the collapse in oil prices, oil reserves are still of interest for investment. Analysts say that the best time to invest in oil reserves is when the price of oil on the world market is declining.

Let’s look at what types of oil and gas reserves are available for investment.

1. Integrated oil reserves.

Such stocks are generally reserved for investors who wish to remain conservative in the market. A distinctive feature of integrated oil producers is that they are engaged in the exploration and production of oil, as well as the refining and marketing of oil and gas. In addition, this sector is attractive to investors with the best dividend payout rates in the energy sector.

2. Shares of oil refinery companies.

This category includes companies whose activities are focused exclusively on the processing of produced oil. The value of shares of companies in this category is linked to the price of crude oil, high oil prices affect refining margins, which leads to the destruction of demand.

3. Shares of an independent oil company.

Independent oil producers do not operate refining operations and are generally smaller than their integrated partners. However, there are many large-cap independent oil companies on the market for investors to choose from. Investors can count on the performance of investments in the shares of such companies if we talk about the long term. However, these companies do not pay dividends unlike their integrated competitors.

It is also interesting that some independent oil companies actually produce more natural gas than oil. This may affect their income if the cost of natural gas is low.

4. Shares of oil services.

Oil service companies do not produce oil, but they provide services to companies that do. For example, they are engaged in the supply of onshore and offshore drilling rigs, oil well cementing, etc.

There are no exact guidelines on how to successfully invest in oil reserves. If you are a beginner, it is in your best interest to consult with a stock broker Gainy who will help you choose the right strategy.

How to invest in oil and gas stocks with little money?

You don’t have to  be a millionaire to start investing in oil and gas stocks. However, you must have money to enter this field. Let’s consider some important steps to take before investing.

1. Fundraising.

The safest way is to use savings. If you have a rich savings culture, you can safely use your funds to invest in oil stocks.

2. Setting goals.

Before you start investing, you need to decide which companies you will focus on. Some investors choose large companies with a long history and strong cash flow, some investors prefer young companies that are risky to invest in. In this case, you are more likely to increase the return on investment by several times but also more likely to lose all your funds.

3. Determination of the investment method.

At this stage, you need to decide whether you need help in investing from specialists or you will do all the necessary research by yourself. Cooperation with specialists allows you to reduce a lot of time and increase the chances of success from investing.

4. Studying oil companies.

Before investing in oil stocks, you need to research the market and specific companies. If you decide to research oil companies by yourself, then at this stage you will have to carefully study the company’s financial performance, corporate presentations, press releases, etc. To study the company in more detail, you can contact the company’s management directly, however, the larger the company, the more difficult it is to do so. Moreover, there are few energy companies that have an investor relations specialist.

The company can provide you with quarterly financial statements that you need to thoroughly review, as the more useful information you see, the more successful your investment strategy will be.

5. Studying the risks of investing in oil stocks.

Political sentiment is the governing force when it comes to oil and natural gas. The risks increase when companies explore politically unstable areas.

Usually, oil companies invest in stable countries, but in the end, they have to invest where oil and gas are located. A sudden change in the political mood of governments can have a significant impact on projects and their further development.

One area to consider is the energy company’s partnerships with international oil companies and agencies.

6. Communicate with an expert.

After studying all available sources and formulating certain conclusions regarding a particular company, it is still recommended to discuss your plans with an experienced stock broker, especially when it comes to investing large amounts.

7. Buying shares.

There are many instruments available on the market for investing in stocks. For example, a convenient solution for discovering new investment strategies is Gainy. After buying shares, do not lose vigilance. In order to stay abreast of changes that are taking place in the energy industry or world events that may affect the fall or rise in stock prices, it is worth regularly monitoring the news feed and discussing possible price changes with experts. So, you will be able to understand when to sell oil reserves, and when to buy others.

Final thoughts

Before investing in any oil-related financial instrument, consider researching the underlying asset. The prices of oil reserves are very volatile and depend on various factors. Despite efforts to introduce renewable energy sources, demand for oil and natural gas remains strong.

Changes in stock prices of oil companies must be taken into account when drawing up a strategy. Oil stock quotes can greatly influence your desire to buy oil stocks for yourself. For example, rising oil stock prices create volatility, and whether that’s good or bad for you depends entirely on your strategy. Use the Gainy app to successfully monitor all changes concerning oil and gas stocks. It offers great functionality to discover stock collections according to different sectors.

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