Hyunjoo Company is an eco-friendly company that promotes valuable consumption to improve women’s health.

Naturesu, an eco-friendly women’s health brand, means “handmaking natural hygenic products.” Naturesu is the most sophisticated and nature-friendly brand of fabric products designed for sensitive female skin.


Naturesu’s representative product is Korea’s first detachable cloth sanitary pads made of natural bamboo fiber.

The natural bamboo-fiber cloth sanitary pads are

Functional: The product consists of a main pad and a replaceable refill pad, preventing leakage of blood via a double layer waterproof structure.

Eco-friendly: The bamboo fiber contains bio-degradable plant-based cellulose.

Hygienic: Natural bamboo fiber is suitable for hygiene products since it is absorbent, breathable, anti-bacterial, and anti-odor.

Practical: Refill pads are priced affordable(similar to disposable sanitary pads) and can be discarded after a single use.

Convenient: Natural bamboo fiber can be easily washed and dried.

Portable: You can easily replace the refill pads outside home.

Safe: Breathable waterproof coated with an eco-friendly certificate for export.

Leakage-proof with a medical-grade anti-slip silicon coating tominimize motions.

Korea FDA certified.

US FDA certified.

High-quality: The first automated fiber production process produces high quality products (mass production capable)

Natural Bamboo Hygienic Underwear for Women

Functional : waterproof and suitable to wear during menstruation

Practical : Naturesu Underwear are compatible with other sanitary pads in the market. (3-way function: Underwear can be worn with no pads, main pads, or refill pads)

Bamboo fiber was selected for the hygiene products because

it is easy to wash!

it reduces odor!

it prevents the growth of germs!

and it is a great absorbent! (more powerful than cotton fabric)

Hyunjoo Company can design and produce, as an ODM, various women’s healthcare hygiene textile products made of bamboo fiber such as women’s underwears, leggings, women’s hygiene Underwear, cosmetic pads, shower towels, and robes.

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