Chingoma X announces their 6weeks accelerator program aimed at helping business owners make their desired income

Chingoma X announces their 6weeks accelerator program aimed at helping business owners make their desired income

July 25, 2022 – Chingona X, a company that is known for excellence when it comes to working with their clients to master the process of making their desired income by working on their business circle. The process of making $100K in sales in a week is the same as having $5K in sales in a week. If the conversations that lead to sales calls that convert into clients are not made, one won’t make the money they are dreaming of making.

Many people want to make money with their business after writing one social media post, joining one Facebook group and doing one livestream. Sometimes people realize that they don’t connect with the people that engage with your posts or have conversations with people in messenger and don’t even know how to describe what they do.

Patty works one on one with groups and those people aren’t just people that are dreamy and ideal. They are business owners with a vision. Most of the time dealing with a blind spot that avoids them to catapult to the next level. They are in their own way.

don’t cold message people with the intention of creating small talk to see if they have a “pain” I can solve and turn them into a client. I don’t run a “traditional” business and I’m not a traditional coach. I don’t follow up to convince anyone. I never have… Which is why many traditional sales jobs weren’t for me. My clients are sold on themselves.” Says Patty Ortega.

No one can get the results they want while doing the same things they’re currently doing. When a person wants to work with me they come to the call they’ve already decided that it’s a YES and they’re there to pay in full, request a payment plan or apply for financing.

When they say yes, it’s a full yes because they are ready for EXPANSION. That expansion starts with stepping into the stretch of making that first payment. The stretch is emotional and financial; that stretch starts the expansion. When they “magically” start making tens of thousands of dollars it’s because of who they’re BEcoming in the process. THAT is where the magic is…. In who they’re BEing.

The Portal is now open for enrollment. For more detailed information about enrollment for the business coaching, kindly visit

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