After completing successful funding round on Adbition, the new digital real estate application known as Metopia will start making property purchases across many metaverse projects on the 28th of July

Metopia CEO L. B. Hobbs asserts that the company would focus on acquiring, leasing, and developing high-traffic metaverse virtual real estate, with earnings flowing back to investors via the Metopia application. This model is comparable to that of a normal real estate investment trust. The company might serve as a model for traditional real estate investors who are interested in diversifying their portfolios into the virtual real estate sector.

Hobbs is considered a major player in the real estate industry as a result of his success in the commercial and residential real estate sectors throughout the middle of the 2010s. Metopia, a subsidiary of MV Real Estate, enables retail investors access to virtual real estate, one of the asset classes in the metaverse that is experiencing the highest growth in value.

Hobbs considers this to be the most significant investment opportunity in recent history. “People in the real estate market have seen the industry go through a period of tremendous transformation. The new iteration of the internet combines elements from the Web 1.0 and Web 2.0 periods in one cohesive, immersive whole. The realms of social media, work, hobbies, sports, and recreational activities will all be combined into a single platform thanks to the implementation of NFTs. If you don’t hop on board, you’ll miss out and fall behind.” Hobbs is not the only one with such opinion. The metaverse now has a sizeable population of highly experienced real estate agents and brokers such as Douglas Ellimans, RepublicRealm, Metaverse Group and others.

According to Hobbs, in order for businesses to understand where they are headed, they need to have a firm grip on both the foundation and the groundwork. “Because of this, Metopia only manifested itself after a significant amount of time had been spent developing it. We were only interested in collaborating with the absolute cream of the crop, and that’s precisely what we do,” Hobbs added. The fast growth of the company and interest generated from multiple venture capital investors seems to indicate that this strategy is paying off.

Hobbs states that we are now effectively living in the future. “By the year 2022, we want to have formed partnerships with the most prominent real-estate developers, architects, influencers, and brokers in order to place Metopia on the map of the metaverse. We aim to make an announcement about an NFT collection in the third quarter, and to dominate the field of metaverse real estate management and investing by the year 2023, so that we can guarantee long-term profitability for our early investors,” Hobbs said.

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