Meta MVRS Takes the Project to the Next Level by Migrating to ERC20 Chain

Meta MVRS just announced that it is migrating its smart contract from BSC to the Ethereum blockchain using the ERC-20 standard. This move is going to take the project to the next level as Ethereum will unlock new possibilities and better opportunities for Meta MVRS to develop the future Metaverse and the NFT’s migration to it, and the Meta MVRS community is surely going to love this move!

The rise of Ethereum changed the blockchain industry and proved that cryptocurrencies can be used for a wide range of purposes other than finance. The Ethereum decentralized platform offers countless benefits enticing more and more developers to run their projects on this blockchain. Now, with the smart contract on ERC-20, Meta MVRS users will enjoy true traceability and a transparent yet autonomous transactions with no downtime.

The Big Move

Binance Smart Chain (BSC) is a recently launched blockchain that looks quite similar to Ethereum. It is a programmable platform on which hundreds of DApps are hosted. BSC is best for users who move their funds daily. BSC also allows developers to port their applications from Ethereum. While BSC has become popular after it reduced the fees to attract more users, it still can’t compete with Ethereum.

Along with low fees, BSC also offers faster speed but it is centralized with only 21 miners. Due to this, users are concerned about the safety, security, and traceability of data stored on BSC. On the other hand, Ethereum has thousands of miners, making it more robust compared to BSC.

Ethereum decentralized platform is a fully immutable platform that comes with multiple blockchain security protocols and offers automated smart contracts. Most of the biggest projects in the cryptocurrency space such as FTX token, ApeCoin, Flow, and UniSwap are on the ERC-20 chain.

Since cyber security is the biggest concern of Meta MVRS just like hundreds of other developers, they decided to make the move from BSC to the ERC-20 chain. This move is going to greatly benefit the Meta MVRS community by assisting mass adoption and NFT migration to the Metaverse easier.

Meta MVRS Users

Meta MVRS is a multi-purpose token that can be swapped and used to purchase assets and NFTs. The weekly airdrops of Meta MVRS are something all of its users look forward to. But with the move from BSC to the ERC-20 chain, the Meta MVRS community is happy due to the following reasons.

The first thing users need to know is that their old contract address on the BSC will remain active but only for Pancakeswap, airdrops, staking, and the initial P2E gaming. Other than that, everything from exchanges to future Metaverse will be on the new ETH contract exchange address. It’s not a cross-chain for both BSC and ETH networks as the old contract will become idle apart from a few uses.  

This new contract of Meta MVRS is also verified on Etherscan and the users can find the latest contract address by searching ‘MVRS’ on Etherscan. Also, the price of both contracts is not the same. Upon migration to the new contract, only the ETH contract will be traded on Uniswap and on all exchanges.

If users hold MVRS on a wallet, they’ll receive an airdrop. But before that, the Meta MVRS team will announce the time of taking the screenshot taken for distributing the tokens. Plus! with the ratio of 100:1, users will receive the same value in tokens because the price will be updated accordingly.

While we announce each exchange, users still need to pay attention. So, users should draw the token in the wallet to receive the tokens first. Users can buy more to receive more airdrop. But if users buy more after the screenshot is taken, they won’t be paid more.

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