Eco Clean Marine Is Making a Difference in Their Local Community by Keeping the Waterways and Environment Clean

The nonprofit organization is protecting the environment through the committed efforts of volunteers in the community

The trash in the environment is far beyond a matter of aesthetics but goes to affect the health of humans, wildlife, and the ecosystem. Accumulated garbage can get trapped on beaches, clog water canals, and pollute different water sources. This garbage is usually eaten by aquatic animals and birds, ultimately poisoning them. Thus, the matter of picking up trash and keeping one’s environment litter-free is everyone’s responsibility.

Eco Clean Marine is a local nonprofit committed to making a difference in its local community by organizing pick-up events on a monthly basis around the Gulf Coast. The organization goes a step further by donating the collected trash to local artists to serve as raw materials for their artistic endeavors. Presently, the new local nonprofit is serving the community from Fort Morgan, Alabama, to Panama City Beach, Florida. In addition, Eco Clean Marine recently purchased and donated a trash can to The Original Oyster House in Gulf Shores, Alabama, owing to the trash problem discovered under the gazebo.

Eco Clean Marine began its operations in January 2022 and has contributed substantially to making a difference in its community through its activities targeted at reducing the environmental pollution. Local residents, environmentalists, hippies, and anyone genuinely concerned about the environment are encouraged to jump on the Eco Clean Marine train and make a positive impact on their environment.

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About Eco Clean Marine

Eco Clean Marine is founded and owned by Courtney Dombroski. Growing up between Gulf Shores and Mobile, Courtney has always loved the outdoors. When looking for volunteer opportunities in 2021, she realized that they were few options to choose from in her local area. She then decided to change that and create something for herself and others like her. Eco Clean Marine is a way for her to give back to her community but to also create opportunities for people to volunteer and make a difference locally.

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