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Industrial journalist, TR Cutler recently discussed pick-by-vision technology solutions addressing logistics workforce shortages. According to Cutler, hiring for and retaining employees in the logistics industry is a herculean challenge; industry must rapidly adopt new automation tools to attract workers. Read the article in magazine.

Cutler spoke with Carsten Funk, CEO of Picavi USA, the leader in pick-by-vision technology. Funke discussed how new picking automation technology is a solution to workforce shortages.

Funke insisted, “Adapting new technologies in capacity constrained operations is always a challenge. The length of time it takes to select, test, verify, migrate, provision, and train, causes deficits in productivity which are progressively becoming harder to justify. The need for modernization persists. Lockdowns and restrictions caused a drastic increase in eCommerce, forcing the logistics and manufacturing industries to keep up. This need for speed calls for rapid automation modernization. What was once considered ‘nice to have’ is now a necessity.”

“Persistent display of relevant information in the user’s field of view, reduces cognitive load, and improves pick rates by 15-25%. Vision picking solves two significant problems in warehouse operations. First, by persistently displaying only relevant information in the user’s field of view, vision picking eliminates the heavy cognitive load that is required for ‘remember – recall,’ reducing fatigue, and improving pick rates by 15-25%,” added Cutler. is the leading online publisher of automation-related content.

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