Luxury suitcase brand ITO launches in North America with eye-catching Pistachio collection.

Luxury suitcase brand ITO launches in North America with eye-catching Pistachio collection.

Toronto, ON – July 27, 2022 – Undeniably, luggage has been in the news a lot this summer travel season. With headlines around the world showing thousands of stranded suitcases lost in an airport sea, travellers are understandably worried about their outfits, memories, and souvenirs making it to and from their holiday destination. Discerning travellers know there are certain tricks to making travel a breeze – the key lies in investing in unique, high-performance luxury suitcases.

The much anticipated North American launch of ITO, an Asia-based luxury suitcase brand ticks all the boxes. Known for its chic, streamlined aesthetic and wide range of colourful, fashion-forward suitcases, the brand has come to be synonymous with trend-setting urban travellers. The popular Pistachio collection comes in three sizes, the carry-on, check-in medium, and check-in large, and features eye-catching minimalist design. Every aspect of the luggage has been carefully crafted to maximize performance and aesthetics.

The ITO Pistachio collection is named after its signature indestructible exterior shell which can withstand any amount of airport abuse. The luggage’s shell is constructed with four layers of German Bayer polycarbonate sheets providing a tough structure that can resist extreme forces and impact. All Pistachio collection suitcases have integrated ITO’s unique TSA-approved pebble clamshell combination lock designed to conceal any dangling zipper sliders which can be easily damaged if left unprotected. The luggage’s sturdy zippers have been sourced from Japan’s YKK zippers for their impeccable quality and reliability which will stay intact no matter how much is packed into the ample dimensions of the luggage. German-engineered Peroma wheels ensure smooth motion, 360-degree manoeuvrability, and near silent performance even after prolonged use and under heavy loads. The ITO Pistachio series is so well designed, that it can support loads of up to 100 kilograms and can even be used as a temporary seat to rest on when needed.

“ITO’s Pistachio collection is one of the only things that can make this summer travel season bearable,” explains Bob Xu, President of ITO. “We keep seeing the mountains of luggage in airports around the world and travellers desperately searching for hours for their baggage. The unique colours offered in the Pistachio collection are unlike any other brand. They are not only modern and fashion-forward, but they also stand out in any crowd and are easy to spot. The rugged construction is at odds with its minimalist elegance and ensures that no matter how many cobblestone streets the luggage’s wheels are dragged on, they won’t break or make attention-drawing noise. The nearly indestructible exterior shell means that even after being hauled up train station stairs or thrown carelessly into the airplane cargo hold, the luggage will arrive intact and undented. The Japanese-made zippers are so strong that despite all the shopping travellers do, the contents and souvenirs will stay securely in the luggage. If the worst should happen and flights are delayed, the ITO Pistachio suitcase can even provide a temporary seat in which to wait for the next flight out.”

The elegant and chic classic Pistachio, Pistachio Lucky, Pistachio Clutch, and Pistachio Weekend collect series are available in char black, brick red, navy blue, mustard yellow, forest green, and smoke white.

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