YourHaitianTranslator turns Haitian Creole audio into English with superior accuracy

Human Haitian Creole translator, raised in Haiti and college-educated in the Boston area, offers to translate Haitian Creole audio and video into English with more accuracy than Facebook’s AI-based translation system

By Swans Paul, the owner.

YourHaitianTranslator just launched a new Haitian Creole translation service that allows US-based people and companies to translate Haitian Creole audios and videos into English texts.

Facebook’s automated English caption service has been offering inaccurate translations of Haitian Creole audio in its videos. And Facebook hasn’t openly said: “The automated captions can be inaccurate” or some other disclaimer to let the viewer know about the issues with its automated English translation of Haitian Creole audio.” This problem is not limited to the Haitian Creole translation. Translations produced by the Facebook’s AI model were also assessed by humans, who scored it as around 90 per cent accurate.

He spoke about the translation errors and omissions found on Facebook’s AI model for Haitian Creole audio—Swans Paul, the owner of YourHaitianTranslator said: “While watching a Haitian Creole video on Facebook and reading the captions in English, the average American might think he’s getting the right English translation. But the auto-generated captions have several mistakes on many occasions. They don’t translate the Haitian audio fully and correctly. In some cases, the English captions are so far off that they’re comical.”

To solve this problem, Swans Paul launched YourHaitianTranslator, which is designed to offer a couple of superior advantages compared to the English translations that Facebook’s automated translation is producing for videos in Haitian Creole.

First, as a native speaker and an experienced translator with over seven years of experience, this human Haitian Creole translator can offer a more accurate translation than a machine-generated translation platform, including Facebook’s automated translation system.

Secondly, unlike Facebook’s AI-based translations, Swans, the founder of YourHaitianTranslator is a native speaker of Haitian Creole. He was born and raised in Haiti and college-educated in the States. YourHaitianTranslator uses their ears and their years of familiarity with the spoken Haitian Creole language to listen carefully and create accurate English translations of the Haitian Creole audio. No AI system can deliver that level of native-speaker expertise.

Thirdly, with the team’s expertise, viewers will consequently receive English captions that US viewers can trust when watching videos where the audio is in Haitian Creole. ”Even on my Youtube channel (Your Haitian Translator), you can listen to Haitian Creole audios and see the English version”, Swans Paul said.

Swans Paul notes that NGOs, charitable organizations, government agencies, and news organizations that want to translate a Haitian Creole audio or video into impeccable English with unerring accuracy, can submit their audio or video files on his website.

YourHaitianTranslator will translate the Haitian Creole audio or video into English in two ways. The first is a direct translation. The team listens to the Haitian audio and types it directly into English. The second is a two-step approach. First, the Haitian Creole audio is typed into a Haitian Creole text. Then the Haitian Creole text is translated into English.

A polyglot, Swans, also offers the following transcription services:

• French audio to English transcription because he worked with France-based, UK-based, and US-based companies in that  capacity

• Spanish audio to English transcription because he’s been hired in that capacity and because he’s also lived in countries like Colombia and Paraguay, where he needs to use Spanish daily.

• Brazilian-Portuguese audio to English because he’s done it for other companies, worked as a private tutor for many Brazilians in the Boston area, and lived in several Brazil cities

About YourHaitianTransaltor:

Swans Paul, born and raised in Haiti and college-educated in the States, is the founder/owner of YourHaitianTranslator. He has over seven years of experience working as a freelance Haitian Creole translator for various translation agencies worldwide, in countries like the United States, Canada, France, the United Kingdom, Italy,  Germany, Egypt, etc.

Through YourHaitianTranslator, Paul is available for direct hire — you will deal with a real Haitian Creole translator, not some AI-based translation service that is likely to produce hard-to-understand or plain-old inaccurate translations. Besides English to Haitian Creole translation services, he has also worked on French to English transcription projects for British, French, American and Canadian companies, transcribing audio recordings from French into English.

Here is a link to a video:

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