Indian Visa for Greek and Israeli Citizens

A visa is a type of official document or passport endorsement that certifies you are authorized to enter, depart from, and remain in a particular country for a predetermined time or permanently.

It might be a unique certificate with a passport stamp on it. After thoroughly examining and confirming all of your qualifications, a foreign country’s immigration authorities will give you a visa. Once you get a visa, you can enter a country and remain there for a predetermined time. However, a visa only grants temporary authorization, which an immigration official must approve at the entrance time.

How can I get a visa?

Both online and offline visa applications are accepted. You often have to download the form and complete it with the necessary information for offline visa applications.

All necessary documentation must be submitted with the completed application form. Different nations’ visa application processes may differ. Some nations may not accept visa applications submitted in person. Additionally, visa application fees vary from one nation to the next.

Indian Visa for Greek Citizens

Greek citizens require an Indian visa for Greek citizensto enter India. Greek nationals must apply for the necessary eVisa before leaving Greece because they can no longer get an Indian visa for Greek citizens on arrival. It should be emphasized that each passenger needs their eVisa; Greek families traveling to India with kids must submit a separate visa application for each child. A maximum of two e-Visas from Greece may be requested in a single calendar year.

Types of Greek Citizens’ India e-Visa

Greek nationals can get any of the three categories of Indian eVisa. Greeks must apply for a visa that matches their intended purpose of travel. While all holders of Greek passports, regardless of their reason for traveling to India, must fulfill the condition above, each eVisa subclass has particular requirements.

  • India’s e-tourist visa is required for travel and visiting friends and relatives.
  • India business visa is available for a variety of business purposes.
  • India’s e-Medical Visa provides for quick medical treatment.

Indian Visa for Israeli Citizens

Israeli citizens can quickly and easily apply online for the Indian visa for Israeli citizens, an electronic travel authorization, and get it via email in a matter of days. With the implementation of this new procedure, Israeli citizens will no longer need to apply for visas in person at an Indian embassy or consulate, where there will be long lines and wait times.

What documents are required for Israeli citizens to obtain an Indian visa?

With the Indian visa for Israeli citizens, the application procedure was considerably simplified for nationals of Israel and other qualifying countries since all documents may be submitted online. The following papers are known as the “Indian eVisa entrance criteria,” and they must be ready before an Israeli citizen may apply for an Indian eVisa:

  • From the date of entry into India, their Israel passport must be valid for at least six months
  • A legitimate email address to which the Indian eVisa will be forwarded
  • A debit or credit card to cover the eVisa cost
  • Digital reproduction of the passport’s biographical page
  • Israeli passenger’s most recent color passport-style photo

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