WhalePad proved its authenticity to survive and thrive during crypto winter

WhalePad proved its authenticity to survive and thrive during crypto winter

WhalePad is the Decentralized and Multi-chain Launchpad that allows everyone to create their own Tokens and launch them optimally. Every project could be nurtured and rug-pull eliminated from pre-IDO to post-IDO, unmistakably with WhalePad.

Every Crypto Space civilization, having little say in the launchpads, can rattle into some virtual platforms where various early-stage crypto projects can be flaunted. Analogous to that present, WhalePad is here to help. With WhalePad, everyone now can Start something that matters!

WhalePad is the TRUE decentralized and multi-chain Launchpad, which is aimed to make it simple for anybody to develop their own modern tokens and launch them easilywithout any coding background. More than that, WhalePad is an ever-growing Launchpad protocol with the vision to erect the ultimate Decentralized Finance (DeFi) Ecosystem – Whale Ecosystem (always signalize security and unlimited advancement).

Further details about WhalePad can be found here.

From the Pre-IDO Stage, WhalePad has shown its efforts in broadcasting the token/project’s brand name to the public and specifying its idea/intentions. Notably, WhalePad’s dedicated and professional Marketing team specializing in operating comprehensive campaigns ranging from online to offline guarantees a high rate of targeting customers and the highest conversion capabilities for every project from the very first steps.

In conjunction with that matter, the high-tech automated KYC/Audit tool will provide Investors with safety and ensure the campaign will run properly. With WhalePad’s exclusive network, every single project will be audited by the most reputable, certified partners/sites.

During IDO, WhalePad constantly monitors security and validates that the Pool is stable and safe to avoid scammers’ attacks. All types of Pools (Presale or Fair Launch) will be 100% safe and sound herewith. Furthermore, with exertions to promote the project’s self-governance on WhalePad, All-need coin tools are available for the Token’s Owners and, of course, with an economical fee (or non-existent). Over and above, with WhalePad’s powerful and dynamic community, new projects’ announcements, AMAs, etc., will be drawn at the center of speaking, listening, and thinking, i.e., at all times.

Being a 1st TRUE Self-served LaunchPad, the Creators have full freedom to create their own named Tokens, decide how many tokens they are about to issue, how many will be sold to the public, and how many will be left for future development (a complete Roadmap and Tokenomics Design). The price and value of the token should be evaluated, binding with WhalePad’s Terms and Regulations. If the Project Owners thirst for avoiding unwanted short-sell after the Public Sale and remove all Rug pull/Scam threats, WhalePad also offers an outstanding WhaleLock Function with 02 selected types of locks: Normal Lock and Vesting Lock. Dumping cases? Certainly not here – with WhalePad.

To this journey shuttle, numerous practical actions will be shown by WhalePad to push along the product, run the tryouts, improve security within blockchain technology, continue promoting post-IDO public relations, and conduct IDO marketing.

This will help eliminate possible obstacles and risks. Always humble to prove Whale’s quality and reliability – that is WhalePad. For further information, apart from the website, do not forget to connect/join with WhalePad on:


The information provided in this release is not investment advice, financial advice, or trading advice. You should practice due diligence (including consultation with a professional financial advisor before investing or trading securities and cryptocurrency).

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