A Telegram bot that is super fast, safe and free

A Telegram bot that is super fast, safe and free
The Easiest, Smartest and Best Telegram Bot for Group Management Is Free
The Telegram-bot app is simply the best telegram bot online, backed by a team dedicated to providing the best possible experience for all users. The app offers numerous features, including specialising in anti-spam and group management.

Why Telegram-bot is the best telegram bot

Telegram-bot is the best telegram bot for many reasons. Lukasz Raczylo built the app with the aim of it becoming the best and fastest telegram anti-spam and group management bot and this it has achieved. 

The app transformed over the years including the planning of a new layout, mapping relations and coding of the migrations. The SQL instances have been scaled down to fewer than 40% of utilisation allowing for 600/100r/w per second. The app was moved from RabbitMQ to NATS, to ensure the app is easy to manage and has the speed required. 

Telegram-bot was created and designed with users in mind, something which Raczylo believes strongly about and which has gone towards the app becoming the best telegram bot out there. With this in mind, there is an excellent knowledge base that is kept updated. The knowledgebase shows how functions work, the concept behind settings and the design is laid out clearly. Languages supported include English, Polish, Farsi, Arabic, Spanish, Hindi, Indonesian, Russian, and Turkish and French translations, for worldwide use, with more languages translations on the way.

Changes are constantly made due to direct user feedback and users are always kept in the loop. Changes and dedicated announcements are on bot news and a dedicated channel. 

An automated maintenance mode is built into the app, with automated health checks to monitor traffic and endpoints; visible to all with information as soon as possible system disruptions are detected. This helps to decrease frustration. 

The key to Telegram-bot being the best out there is to monitor, alert, analyse and improve. The developer continually engages with active group admins worldwide and optimises absolutely everything as needed to maintain speed and security. The addition of CloudFlare has helped to speed up the website loading times immensely.

In short, if you need a telegram app that delivers on speed and performance this one is it. It is designed to provide processing times that are lightning fast, allowing users to get information efficiently and quickly. Users never have to wait for the bot to catch up.

Telegram-bot is extremely reliable being set on infrastructure in multiple parts of the world. The developer is so proud of its reliability that statistics are made available for all to see.

Advanced security features have been built into the app to ensure the protection of the user’s information from hackers and any other threat online. Regular backups are made so that in the unlikely event of something untoward occurring, important data isn’t lost. 

Packed with outstanding features

Telegram-bot has gained a strong following and built up users due to its outstanding features that allow for easy, fast and safe management of group chats whilst keeping spammers at bay and much more. Features include:

  • More than 50 anti-virus scanners for protection and security;
  • Spam fighting service with advanced spam filters;
  • Elimination of rogue users and adult content;
  • Easy to use profanity filtering;
  • Effective captcha protection;
  • Voice transcription;
  • State-of-the-art message analysis to eliminate toxic discussions;
  • User greeting and welcome messages;
  • Comprehensive statistics;
  • Group audit logs;
  • Free version available;
  • Much more.

The team behind Telegram-bot

Every great app has a great team behind it and Telegram-bot is no exception. The team work tirelessly from worldwide locations to provide users with the best possible experience. 

The creator of the project is Lukasz Raczylo who is based in London in the United Kingdom. Lukasz is passionate about all types of technology, particularly the Telegram-bot, which he works on constantly to make improvements. 

The community manager is Ciudad Guayana based in Venezuela. Ciudad has more than 30 years of experience as a system engineer and is an expert code writer.

The frontend consultant for Telegram-bot is Jaroslaw Zabiello who is located in Dublin, Ireland. Jaroslaw is a senior software engineer and polyglot programmer with an enthusiasm for new technology. 

Translators working on the project include Emir Taha Bilgen located in Istanbul, Turkey and Deniz Ece Mega located in Istanbul, Turkey. 

Telegram-bot is the fastest, safest, most supercharged telegram bot out there but don’t just take our word for it use the bot now for yourself.

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