Mariposa: The Journey of a Butterfly

Designing jewelry for the inner spirit

As a principal at Passion Fine Jewelry in Solana Beach California, Janna Jackson is intimately aware of the power of jewelry. “Watchinga woman put on a piece of jewelry and feel seen, adored, and treasured because of it is a kind of magic,” she says.

When Jackson made the decision to immerse herself at a healing retreat at Costa Rica’s Rythmia Life Advancement Center in May 2021, she went with the hopes of releasing herself from deep depression. “Addiction is characterized by a gaping hole of unworthiness that one attempts to fill with booze, drugs, food, or shopping. I was no different. I hated the person I saw in the mirror, so I punished her everyday with booze and abusive thoughts.”

“I went through a life changing spiritual metamorphosis,” Janna says. At Rythmia, through the guided use of breathwork and plant medicine, her heart was healed, and she reunited with her soul “The experience reconnected me with the healer I have always been.

I realized then that I needed to be designing jewelry based in nature. Jewelry that is inspired by the divine spirit to remind women that love lives inside us and has the power to heal and transform us.”

When Janna returned home, she got right to work. Befittingly, she chose the name Mariposa (Spanish for butterfly) for her jewelry line. “The butterfly is a creature of incredible transformation,” Janna says. “It’s also the feeling you get in your tummy when someone kisses you and you first fall in love.”

The line includes eight different collections: Earth, Air, Fire, Water, Happy Ankh (spirit), Celestial, Bespoke Butterflies, and Eternity. “Eight is a powerful number and you see it repeated in my collections,” Janna says. “In Chinese culture, it is the luckiest number. It is also the universal symbol for infinity.”

The pendants open the throat chakra so the wearer may speak her truth, the longer lariat-style necklaces heal pain in the heart, the earrings open the third eye to see truth and trust one’s intuition; and the rings serve as daily reminders when one wants to revisit her powerful feelings.

“Mariposa was created exclusively to help you remember who you are and what you are capable of. My jewelry is imbued with love, healing vibrations, and prayer. It’s passionwith purpose.”

The full collection of Mariposa is on display at Passion Fine Jewelry.

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