CD BioGlyco Provides One-stop Custom Glycosylation Service in Glycoscience Field

CD BioGlyco now provides custom glycosylation of proteins, antibody, cell membrane, and bacterial membrane.

New York, USA – July 28, 2022 – CD BioGlyco, a leader in the field of carbohydrates who is dedicated to advance the development of biopharmaceuticals and glycomedicine, now provides custom glycosylation of proteins, antibody, cell membrane, and bacterial membrane.

One of the most frequent post-translational modifications is glycosylation, which is the process of attaching carbohydrates to proteins or lipids under the direction of enzymes in the endoplasmic reticulum (ER) and Golgi apparatus. Nearly all innate and adaptive immune responses require glycoproteins, which are created when proteins are glycosylated. Protein glycosylation primarily entails the attachment of N-glycans, O-glycans, glycosylphosphatidylinositol (GPI) anchors, and phosphorylated glycans to the peptide backbones. Glycolipids, such as glycosphingolipids, are created by combining sugars with lipids (GSLs). GSLs are among the most prevalent glycolipids in humans, performing important physiological tasks related to lipid rafts, and their glycan composition gives particular GSL features.

Currently, advances in the field of glycobiology have made it possible to design a number of treatments based on glycans. With a professional team and experimental equipment, CD BioGlyco now provides a wide range of custom glycosylation services including:

Custom Glycosylation of Proteins

CD BioGlyco offers specialized glycosylation services for proteins based on biochemistry and organic chemistry.

Custom Glycosylation of Antibodies

CD BioGlyco provides high-quality antibody glycosylation modification and antibody glycosylation analysis services.

Custom Glycosylation of Cell Membranes

CD BioGlyco provides modification of cell membranes glycosylation and characterization of cell membrane glycosylation services.

Custom Glycosylation of Bacterial Membranes

CD BioGlyco provides glycosylation modification and characterization of bacteria membranes.

“A wide range of biological processes depend on glycosylation. According to studies, many diseases manifest and progress as a result of abnormal glycosylation. So, we introduced these services to meet the increasing needs for glycosylation research.” Said Anna, one of the official speakers from CD BioGlyco.

Detailed information about the custom glycosylation services provided by CD BioGlyco can be viewed here:

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