Somatofulness Launches Workshops And Programs To Bring Wellness To A New Level

Somatofulness, a pioneer in mindfulness, has redefined what it means to truly access and awaken the body’s wisdom by launching a new wave of exciting programs and workshops to inspire people and help them build confidence. As a natural extension of the company founder’s teachings, these integrative and holistic training provisions concentrate on the primacy of the body in everyday life.

While other institutes focus on the five known quotients (from Intelligence Quotient to Creativity Quotient), Somatofulness emphasizes “Body Quotient” or “Body Intelligence”, which is the embodiment of self-acceptance, compassion, and self-love that empowers individuals to make the most of their potentials while learning the art of listening to and trusting the body as a source of wisdom.

The absence of intimacy with the body or its denial in today’s fast-paced lifestyle can be felt in the increasing rate of suicide and self-harm globally. Recent research by the World Health Organization (WHO) shows that more than 700,000 people commit suicide yearly. It is believed that these self-destructive acts are reflections of a disconnect between the body and the mind that triggers deep-seated psychological and emotional problems, like anxiety, depression, and trauma.

More data reveals that 28% of the world’s population suffers from depression, 26.9% from anxiety disorders, and 50% from psychological distress. These disturbing figures, coupled with other factors, have spurred the development of these programs and workshops, which includes:

  • Somatoful music program
  • Somatofulness online course
  • Body-wise child online course
  • Free online talk and meditation

The Somatofulness Approach integrates somatic and mindfulness therapies to remedy not just the human body and mind but also its spiritual state to give people a deeper level of balance and harmony. As explained by a spokesperson for Somatofulness, “Our programs and workshops help people connect with their bodies and find balance in life. And it’s not just about alleviating stress, but about renewing the body and mind through increased self-awareness.”

The training courses cover, among other things:

  • Healthy attachment – key to a fulfilled life
  • Supreme guru
  • Abundance
  • Simplicity
  • Mental health
  • Unlearning
  • Mortality

The wellness programs are based on years of research and work with clients to create a truly transformative experience. Given that the source of life energy is not in emotions and thoughts, but in the body, the company encourages people to tap into the deepest part of their being through the body’s wisdom – a place from which true love and compassion flow.

As described by Somatofulness, the brain and body are sources of chemical compounds that act as the building blocks of a healthy life. The feel-good elements produce a sense of bliss and immortality, through which people can be truly happy and satisfied with what they do and have.

About Jivasu and Somatofulness

An acupuncturist and spiritual teacher, Jivasu, MD helps people unlock their body’s wisdom, by combining scientific, evidence-based techniques with Ayurvedic practices. Somatofulness, which is the founder’s brainchild, has helped thousands of people worldwide transform the way they think and feel about themselves. The health and wellness company teaches body awareness through various programs and workshops that are readily available on its official website.

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