Indian Visa Application allows foreigners to apply for Business e-Visa to enter India for Business related purposes

The Government of India launched the electronic travel authorization in 2014 for 180 eligible foreign countries. All the citizens of these eligible countries can now easily apply for an Indian business e-Visa to visit India for business requirements.

Business Visa for India

Since there are a lot of businesses in India, many people from other countries are visiting the country for business purposes alone. Those people can easily apply for an Indian business e-Visa via This website offers a simplified Visa application process where the applicant can easily apply for a business e-Visa within a matter of time. Indian business e-Visa is a long-duration Visa with a validity of one year from the date it is issued. It can only be used for business purposes alone. Currently, business e-Visa allows people to enter India for attending business meetings, selling or buying goods and services, conduct tours, recruit workers, participate in trade, business fairs, and exhibitions, etc.

Indian Visa for US citizens

The United States is one of the launch members of the India e-Visa program; thus, US citizens can enjoy the fast entry facility. Indian e-Visa allows US citizens to visit India for tourism, business visits, and medical treatment or consultation. With the introduction of electronic travel documents, US citizens can easily obtain an Indian e-Visa via It will only take 3 to 4 days to receive the e-Visa, once applied for it. Indian e-Visa for US citizens is valid for five years and the individuals can use it to stay in the country for a maximum of 90 days on each visit.

Applying for India Visa Online via is the safest method, where the user can get enough privacy security. The safe Visa application form completely protects all the information provided by the applicant. As the e-Visa is received directly to the email, there is no need to worry about it too. The e-Visa is safe in the email, and it will not get lost unless deleted. Email recovery services are also offered for those people, who unknowingly deleted their e-mail with e-Visa

The basic requirements for applying for an Indian e-Visa are a valid passport, email id, and credit or debit card. Indian Visa Application is available continuously 24/7 365 days a year; thus, applicants apply for the e-Visa at any time and from anywhere based on their choice.

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