Intensive Therapy Retreats Affirms Why An Intensive Retreat Is Good

Intensive Therapy Retreats Affirms Why An Intensive Retreat Is Good
Intensive Therapy Retreats is a top-rated therapeutic service company dedicated to quality service. In a recent update, the office shared why an intensive retreat is good.

Northampton, MA – July 29, 2022 – In a website post, Intensive Therapy Retreats has outlined why Intensive Trauma Therapy Retreat is an excellent option.

When in distress, a powerful intervention may be the only way to change the momentum and get things back on track. Intensive Therapy Retreats offer relief and healing in days, not years as required by one-hour weekly in-person or online therapy sessions. Their single retreat day adds up to (8) 45-50 min sessions. In other words, 1 Therapy Retreat day is equivalent to 2 months of weekly therapy, but the effects are substantially more powerful because of the continuity of the work. 

With Intensive Therapy Retreats, the client has their therapist’s attention all day, every day of the retreat, with lunch breaks and other breaks as necessary. Their therapy retreats are based on the most current scientific understanding of adult mental health and how they are affected by trauma. Their counseling and mental health services utilize the most effective methods to help the client process their trauma and move forward in life, undisturbed by negative past experiences. 

Intensive Therapy Retreats utilize a variety of solution-focused therapeutic techniques, but the foundation of their retreat is built on two of the most effective modalities to address past trauma and emotional issues; EMDR and IFS. They help the client recognize key behavioral and emotional challenges that push them off track so that they can stay focused on their goals. Their services offer the client the opportunity to let go of old behavior patterns once and for all.

Intensive Therapy Retreat also helps the clients learn about their unconscious driving factors and how they affect their ability to stay open and receptive to life, complicate their ability to proactively work through issues, and contribute to depression, anxiety, withdrawal, and shutting down. They make the client learn new ways of coping with such challenges.

Intensive Therapy Retreats will grant the client an enhanced understanding of their deepest inner workings so that they can derive more enjoyment from their life. The Internal Family Systems Therapy will help the client learn how to communicate about anything, even difficult issues, without triggering and disconnecting from others.

About Intensive Therapy Retreats 

Intensive Therapy Retreats offers a step-by-step therapeutic process to achieve lasting relief from the effects of physical, emotional, and sexual abuse, PTSD, anxiety, depression, chronic stress, and low self-esteem. Their clients tell them they feel “lighter”, “transformed”, or “like a huge weight is off their shoulders.” They ask why they didn’t know about this any sooner. An intensive retreat is the most effective and efficient way to process trauma and negative experiences so the client can get back on track and move forward in their life. Why continue to suffer when they can heal now?

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