DR.EURIQ+, Beauty Secrets From The Models In Paris

Fashion models often wear heavy makeup. Models awaiting a fashion week start a rigorous skincare routine to wear makeup with a concept that goes well with fashion shows. Since there is also a production focused on base makeup that is close to none, comprehensive management of the skin is necessary. Let us find out the DR.EURIQ+ line-up, an item they use for the urgent fashion week.

They prepare smooth and clear skin to show off their perfect appearance from any angle. The models thus use DR.EURIQ+’s FLASHSHOTtm First Ampoule and Glow Serum. During this period, their skin suffers a busy backstage schedule, fashion shows, and under-camera flashes. The first ampoule contains the latest exfoliating care ingredient, PHA, which makes your skin smooth without humiliation, even in the showering flashlights. In order to normalize dead skin turnovers for makeup and eliminate existing dead skin cells, it is necessary to focus on FLASHSHOTtm from at least a week ago. DR.EURIQ+’s FLASHSHOTtm combines trace ingredients found in desert honey, gamma sebum, and deciduous pine extracts to moisturize the skin of models who are intensively exposed to harsh environments during fashion week.

It is also difficult for them to maintain perfect makeup for a long time at a fashion show. When a model does her hair, costumes, and rehearsals, her makeup gets excited, and her skin flaky. The models’ favorite products backstage are DR.EURIQ+ DNASHOTtm Mist. The product immediately hydrates the skin to calm extensive makeup. It contains salmon DNA, called salmon injections, which calms skin exposed for a long time under hot lighting, making it an essential item for many models. DR.EURIQ+ DNASHOTtm Cream is used as a night routine for models during Fashion Week to soothe irritated skin.

DR.EURIQ+ originated from the beauty secretes of fashion models in Paris

The technology of DR.EURIQ+ cosmetics, which are now necessities for fashion week models, began with the technology of esthetic management in Paris. In the early 2000s, Rue Cambon (Paris) Aesthetic made unique cosmetics only for runway models at the request of luxury brands. Even now, directors of luxury brands were so strict from head to toe that they even set the size of the models’ feet to balance their costumes. Luxury brands demand products that can control skin texture and soothe irritation, for example by exfoliation, and products that can intensively manage facial elasticity quickly.

At the request, Esthetic made an intensive management product with a cosmetics brand at the end of the hydrogen question. The cosmetics brand is now the predecessor of DR.EURIQ+. At that time, the brand developed a moisturizing line that combines PHA, a hypoallergenic exfoliation care ingredient, mineral-rich moisturizing ingredients found in the desert, deciduous pine extract, and gamma sebum. Most models are prone to dry skin from showing thick and intense makeup under the hot stage lights and receiving many camera flashes at the backstage and fashion show sites. For this purpose, they developed a technology to form hydra films simultaneously as moisturizing.

Since makeup is frequently modified by applying and erasing makeup frequently during Fashion Week, products containing salmon DNA ingredients specialized in regenerating damaged skin have been developed as products to calm irritation. Salmon DNA ingredients have a structure very similar to human DNA. They are proven to have regenerative efficacy to the extent that doctors use them as medicines in the medical community.

Volume peeling was developed as a product to manage elasticity. DR.EURIQ+ developed a formula containing ingredients that help fat proliferation to enhance the facial elasticity of models who are often on dietary restrictions.

Numerous tests and 20 years of know-how of this aesthetic management cosmetics, which contain beauty secrets of Paris fashion models who always show perfect appearance, have been aggregated and inherited by the current DR.EURIQ+ brand. Products that started with private cosmetics for only a special few met with modern science and were mass-produced, making them available to the public as home-esthetic products.

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