A Movement of Authentic and Experimental Folk Fusion: ALCHIMY’s New Music Is an Indisputable Marvel

A Movement of Authentic and Experimental Folk Fusion: ALCHIMY’s New Music Is an Indisputable Marvel
Representing an abundance of genres, styles, and mixes, ALCHIMY’s music demonstrates an inimitable poetic harmony

An indisputable icon when it comes to composing rich experimental and fusion music, ALCHIMY are sending waves in the Folk, Rock, and Country world, with their harmonious and melodic craft.

Born from the bedazzling alchemy of styles and sounds of three talented singer-songwriters, ALCHIMY is the manifestation of a brilliant trio of harmony singers and lyricists, led by the artists Nathalie, Loane and Céline.

The eclectic group delivers original and genuine musical compositions that are composed in both French and English. The group itself has several bands: trio, quartet and sextet, and continue to enrapture listeners with their music.

ALCHIMY’s many moving mixes include their debut album, which they released in 2015 titled, ‘Chercheur d’Or (Gold Seekers)’. With French and English lyricism, ‘Chercheur d’Or’ presented a representative mix of the distinguishing poetry and musicality that ALCHIMY characterize.

A heartfelt and unique offering, the album was produced and recorded at Studio La Buissonne, in collaboration with contemporaries Nicolas Baillard and Romain Castera. ‘Chercheur d’Or’ was followed by yet another critical folk fusion, which sculpted the band’s distinct identity, and ushered them into uncharted and new musical horizons. The 2nd album by the artists, ‘Beyond The Shades’ was undergirded by strong Folk vibes and memorable, poetic verses.

Recorded between Minneapolis and Geneva at the F5 Soundhouse Studio Owen Sartori and Davide Raso and the Forces Motrices Studio, ‘Beyond the Shades’ was a release in collaboration with David Weber.

A gifted and accomplished group of songwriters, ALCHIMY are an original and reanimating act that is all set for new heights. Uniting the depth of poetry with heartfelt, tuneful, and spellbinding Folk vibes, the musical group is driven for success.

Stream ALCHIMY’s new music on their official music platforms and follow the stunning trio on social media for updates on new releases. For interviews, reviews, and/or collaborations, feel free to reach out to the artists through email!


ALCHIMY is a Folk band which was created in Geneva, Switzerland in 2012. Spearheading a trend that is popularly described as Folk Fusion, ALCHIMY have become a genre-defining force with the release of a series of striking, experimental tracks.

Influenced by a range of seasoned artists, ALCHIMY’s music can be best described as “the fusion takes place with the alchemy of 3 voices”- the fantastic trio of Nathalie, Loane and Céline. With soul-stirring music and rousing, poetic song writing, the group continues to unveil original compositions in French and English. ALCHIMY’s first album, ‘Chercheur d’Or (Gold Seekers)’ was released in 2015, followed by the release of their second album, ‘Beyond the Shades’ in 2017.


ALCHIMY New 2022 singles:

I Don’t Buy It: https://youtu.be/fSYAO_ssfPw

Some Miles Away: https://youtu.be/7ZiVTGgbFMM

ALCHIMY Website: https://www.alchimymusic.band

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