GoDial Offers a Fully Integrated Outbound Auto Dialer for Smartphones, Eliminating the Need for VoIPs and Expensive Cloud Call Center Software

GoDial.cc is a revolutionary software that allows businesses to use their mobile phones to make more sales by automatically calling and leaving messages for prospective customers

Business owners that have to perform outbound call campaigns struggle with wasted time spent dialing numbers and chasing leads. While the market is saturated with several voIPs and cloud call center software that claim to assist these businesses with their outbound call challenges, they come at exorbitant prices and subscription costs.

This is where GoDial.cc comes in. GoDial is a call center software and CRM app which helps businesses and startups to create outbound call centers and telecalling services with their mobile phones. As a mobile auto dialer app, GoDial can turn any smartphone into a call center eliminating the need to pay for expensive cloud contact software, hardware or voIP. The software dials contacts directly from a phone using the sim card allowing businesses to launch their call centers in minutes with nothing more than smartphones.

“With our CRM software, businesses and call center agencies will be able to make calls to customers and keep customer data directly from their smartphones,” explained Avijit Sarkar, the CEO and Founder of GoDial. “We have designed GoDial CRM to be a mobile-based auto call dialer specially designed for telecalling and it allows users to start telecalling with their team using smartphones, no need of any hardware or cloud contact center software or voIP.”

With GoDial.cc, businesses can import their contacts from an excel or integrate lead sources into the CRM, then auto distribute the leads to a mobile phone that would be used to auto dial their numbers. The software also provides them with a detailed report of the calls made, their duration, recordings, and other relevant data. It is a complete solution and even better since it can be operated using smartphones.

GoDial’s CRM software is the perfect solution for any business that has to call their customers—including those in the real estate industry, loan agencies, fintech startups, banks, political campaigns and much more. They can track incoming and outgoing calls, perform auto lead distribution, record calls, send messages after calls, and perform integrations with Facebook, Instagram, Just Dial,IndiaMart, Housing, MagicBricks, Websites and more. The software’s design makes it possible to work from anywhere and users can integrate as many customers as they get with no additional fees.

To learn more about how GoDial’s CRM Software can help improve any business or call center agency, please visit www.godial.cc.

About GoDial

GoDial is a premier SIM-based Auto Dialer and Outbound Call Center CRM Software for TeleCalling used by 1000+ organizations and 50000+ individuals across the world. The company was founded by Avijit Sarkar from Kolkata, India. Born and brought up in the city of Kolkata, India, Avijit finished his Bachelors in Technology from GMIT, Kolkata.

An entrepreneur at heart, Avijit started his journey early when he became known as the go-to guy for anything related to tech. He would usually charge a fee for solving problems like assembling computers or building a website. In his first year in college, he incorporated his company Avifa Infotech which was a BPO and an IT services firm. Currently Avifa Infotech has transformed into a product development company and has launched products like Regular.li and GoDial.

For more information, email [email protected] or call +917044406666.

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