Raynolse Unveils New Smart Jump Rope For Tracking & Storing Workout Data

The innovative product is the first of its kind smart jump rope made of PVC and steel cables, with a mobile app that contains 3 different overload workout modes, allowing athletes to enhance workout performance and push themselves to the limit

July 29, 2022 – Raynolse is delighted to announce that it has launched a new product that will help cross-fit athletes, boxers, and fitness enthusiasts efficiently structure and track their workout performance for improved results. The Raynolse Double Under Tracking Jump Rope is an innovative first-of-its-kind jump rope, armed with an intuitive mobile app and other innovative features that make jump rope exercises fun and efficient.

Although many scientific studies have shown that jump ropes are among the best calorie-burning exercise tools, many people have reported being unable to spot noticeable changes in their bodies regardless of how frequently they exercise with regular jump ropes. According to Raynolse, prolonged use of regular jump ropes creates the problem of overloading and overstressing the muscles, similar to progressive overload experienced by weightlifters.

To solve this, the company has designed a new smart jump rope capable of tracking both single and double under while alerting the user after every ten jumps. The Bluetooth receivers on the device track up to 30 jumps per second and can accurately recognize different jump patterns to provide reliable data with exact details of each workout routine.

Created for both beginners and professional athletes alike, Raynolse has vibrating handles that alert users with unique vibration patterns for every 10, 100, and 1000 jumps, allowing them to stay focused and properly regulate their jump sessions. Each handle is made of anodized aluminum that protects all the components inside and leaves the outer surface completely scratch free.

Unlike most regular jump ropes that come with fixed or difficult-to-adjust rope lengths, Raynolse possesses a universal cable connector with easily adjustable cable length, as well as multiple cable options that include regular steel PVC cables, standard steel cables, and the Raynolse PVC coated cables. The handles on the smart jump rope were designed to allow diamond knurled grips, and come with dual bearings angled at 90° for smooth movement.

In addition to keeping records of workout sessions to allow users to track and monitor their progress, the smart jump rope’s intuitive mobile app also possesses three different overload workout modes that help users push themselves beyond their limits. Athletes can either use the Count Up mode to track their maximum jump out score per session, set specific jump goals in Count Down mode, or use the Time Attack mode to challenge their jump rope skills at particular time frames. 

Driven by innovation, Raynolse was developed from years of training data accumulated by health professionals and educators. The product incorporates the attributes of daily sports and professional sports into the simplicity of jumping ropes, allowing athletes and fitness enthusiasts to get the best results out of every work session.

Video link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kz9zaj06G8o

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