Automation Dad Looks to Educate Parents and Teacher on Emerging Technology Trends

With the Ever-Emerging Automation and Technology for Kids, Parents and Teachers Have A New Opportunity to Be Educated on Content Moderation and Parental Controls

It is a new world for parents and teachers when it comes to technology kids use today. In the modern world, a child can download multiple apps which allow for the exchange of video, audio, and photos. Additionally, all kinds of gaming platforms and other websites create opportunities for children to communicate freely with the world.

While each platform attempts to maintain some level of parental control, it is easy for a parents and teachers to get lost in the technology. Automation Dad has launched a new website at The site and social media channels will feature helpful and practical tips for parents and teachers. Additionally, it will provide resources to better understand the technology kids today are exposed to.

For example, in a recent social media post, the Automation Dad provided some relevant content moderation tips for any parent or teacher of a child with an iPhone. Apple’s IOS Software offers the ability for parents to approve all app downloads and monitors text message for sensitive photos. Additionally, Apple has deployed Screen Time, which provides significant benefits to parents trying to get full control on what apps, websites, and privacy restrictions exists on their child’s iPhone.

Going forward, the Automation Dad will cover into all kinds of social media, gaming systems, and devices. Technology is changing fast and it takes a village to keep up. For parents and teachers interested in learning more, they can subscribe to the social media channels on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, or TikTok. Additionally, it is recommended they subscribe to the newsletter available on the website at

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