Cleanse Right Participates in Walmart’s 2022 Open Call Event, Making At-Home Ear Wax Removal Safe and Accessible to Everyone

Cleanse Right Participates in Walmart’s 2022 Open Call Event, Making At-Home Ear Wax Removal Safe and Accessible to Everyone
As an American company, with an American made product and American customer service, it’s no surprise that Cleanse Right was invited to Open Call, a major sourcing event hosted by Walmart where USA made products are selected for Walmart’s shelves as well as to be sold online.

Located out of Portland, Oregon, the team at Cleanse Right spent years working with a group of audiologists getting their ear wax remover just right, making sure it was super easy to use and safe to operate.

Children and adults of all ages have earwax, and some just make too much of it. Cerumen (Earwax) impactions are way more common than most people think. 12 million Americans go to the hospital annually to have ear wax blockages removed and millions more suffer silently at-home. With the revolutionary USA made Cleanse Right At-Home Ear Wax Remover Tool Kit, you can remove earwax safely and easily from the comfort of your own home, all for under $30.

“The whole idea of Cleanse Right started when my niece had this terrible impaction a few years back.” Says Ed Wagner, the founder of Blue Echo Care and owner of the Cleanse Right brand of Ear Wax Removers. “I was blown away by how much pain she was in. I ended up going with my sister to the hospital to offer her some help. When we arrived at the ENT’s [ear, nose and throat] office, she had this huge, hulking machine with this long blue tip and after just a few seconds of spraying in my niece’s ear, the impaction was gone, she was all better. Just like that. The only problem was that none of this was covered by insurance and the process of getting an inconsolable toddler to the doctor’s office… well, let’s just say I have so much respect for all the mothers out there. That’s when the idea for Cleanse Right hit me. Now 5 years later, we’ve helped over a hundred thousand people remove blockages and have been invited to Walmart’s Open Call Event to present our products to be sold in store. It’s all been surreal, I had no idea at the time how many people were looking for a solution for ear wax blockages.”

With the Cleanse Right At-home Ear Wax Removal Tool Kit, you get all the same tools used by audiologists in a single kit, including made in the USA carbamide peroxide ear drops which go in the ear first and soften the ear wax before removal, a specialty made irrigation device to gently spray a jet of water into the impacted ear to dislodge earwax, a catch basin for under the ear to catch the amalgamate of drops, ear wax and water before it can run down onto your shoulder, a rubber bulb syringe to help extract any of the remaining gunk left over, and of course, the Cleanse Right Safety Tips which are reusable and dishwasher friendly so you don’t have to keep buying the tips over and over again.

As well as being available at Walmart, the Cleanse Right At-home Ear Wax Removal Tool Kit can be purchased through Amazon and at With 2700+ reviews on Amazon and countless happy customers, Cleanse Right certainly has taken the world by storm with their approach to at-home ear wax removal.

Customers have great things to say about the product, including Rick S. who said, “My ear was plugged solid for a couple weeks while I waited for this to arrive. Got here last night. Put in 7 drops, waited four minutes, and flushed for about five minutes. Then it broke loose and some wax appeared. Relief! Saved me a costly trip to the doctor. Even with insurance it would have been sixty bucks minimum, so this is well worth it. And I have it ready to go for next time. Definitely recommended!”

Cleanse Right’s American customer service is available 24/7 at (855) 860-3404, and Founder Ed Wagner takes as many calls as he can. “I love talking to customers. Knowing that we are really helping people is the whole reason I started this journey.” Ed goes on to say, “Our team makes ourselves available to anyone that needs it and our tips are so much safer than any of the other options out there.”

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The Cleanse Right brand is owned by Blue Echo Care, a U.S. based, family-owned company that sells high quality medical devices such as nebulizers, lung exercisers, ear wax removal tools and personal protection equipment at affordable prices. The company strives to keep Americans healthy by making common medical issues treatable at home at a fraction of the cost associated with doctor visits and prescriptive drugs. Additional information can be found at

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