PhishingBase is Cracking Down on Phishing by Helping Individuals and Corporations Verify the Legitimacy of Widely-Circulating Emails

The company is committed to ending the reign of cybercriminals and data thieves by uploading the different variations of phishing email contents on their website

The PhishingBase company is making its mark as the world’s largest global phishing threat database and is determined to equip businesses and organizations with the right tools to detect and protect their organizations from phishing threats and theft of valuable information.

Phishing is a terminology derived from the homophone, fishing, and is a type of online attack where cybercriminals pose as reputable friends, acquaintances, or renowned individuals through calls, fake messages, or emails with the intent of stealing passwords, money, credit card numbers, and sensitive information, to mention a few. These criminal masterminds provide dubious links that seem genuine but ultimately lead to their phishing websites from which they steal from their victims.

Unfortunately, several businesses and organizations have at one time or the other been victims of different forms of phishing. This form of cybercrime has negatively impacted these businesses such as irreparable damage to their reputation, loss of substantial amounts of money, intellectual property loss from companies that thrive on blueprints, patented ideas, or inventions, and loss of customer data and personal information. These affected companies are obligated to pay heavy fines by regulatory agencies.  

The PhishingBase company has played a critical role in helping consumers and businesses stay safer online by tracking phishing emails and providing detailed reports on cyber security issues. Their company comprises an intelligent team that can read the latest phishing emails and provides comprehensive analysis while comparing with the original so that clients can take additional action if needed. The PhishingBase website is the go-to site for cyber security professionals who require advanced details on phishing threats to halt cyber criminals and protect their networks.

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PhishingBase is building the world’s largest global phishing threat database to help consumers, businesses, and cybersecurity professionals fight back against phishing scams. The company also provides free reports about the latest phishing campaigns on their website to help their clients. 

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