Forbes Contributor John Hayes of BALYO Discusses Automate Show: More Leads Not Aways Better

Forbes Contributor John Hayes of BALYO Discusses Automate Show: More Leads Not Aways Better

John Hayes, Director of Sales for BALYO, a leader in innovative robotic solutions for material handling, discussed his experience at the recent Automate Show regarding quality leads. He stressed collecting more leads is not always better. Read more in Forbes.

According to Hayes, “The Automate Show was terrific; from a top level perspective, most business leaders recognize the importance of automation in transforming our lives for the better. Nearly every industry saw applications for technologies on display at Automate.”

“A salesperson who has identified five or ten legitimate likely purchasers at an event like Automate, is likely to close millions of dollars in bookings in the current year. There may be some pipeline opportunities early in the following year as well,” added Hayes.

Hayes concluded, “The seduction of quantity over quality is the least lean method of selling and processing lead generation. Selling is about closing deals and getting signed agreements. Selling is about spending time on deals where purchase orders will be signed imminently. Selling is about effective discernment and time management.”

Hayes is a proud member of the Forbes Business Development Council, an invitation-only organization for senior-level sales and business development executives. Members are respected leaders and executives who are selected for the council based on the depth and diversity of experience in the business development space.

About BALYO:

BALYO is the leader in the design and development of innovative robotic solutions for material handling trucks. The company’s enhanced technological platform, VNA and REACH trucks are leading the warehouse, distribution center, and manufacturing operations with breakthrough robotic technology.

BALYO transforms standard forklift trucks into standalone intelligent robots thanks to its breakthrough proprietary Driven by Balyo™ technology. The geoguidance navigation system developed by BALYO allows vehicles equipped with the system to locate their position in real-time and navigate autonomously inside buildings/warehouses. BALYO is selling a solution, not just a product.  BALYO Reach Trucks are transforming warehouses and distribution centers globally. BALYO recently joined MHI Mobile Automation Group (MAG) Industry Group.

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