Local nonprofit “Eco Clean Marine” keeping the Gulf Coast clean from Alabama to Florida, creating awareness with trash pick-up events

Eco Clean Marine is helping to keep Gulf Coast and marine life clean and safe through regular trash pick-up and awareness events.

Gulf Shores, Alabama – August 01, 2022 – Rich in exotic marine life and panoramic scenic beauty, the Gulf Coast attracts tens and hundreds of people each year. And with people comes an increasing volume of garbage that litter all across the beautiful beaches and also the water. But a visionary local non-profit, Eco Clean Marine, has taken up the baton to keep the Gulf Coast clean with meticulous trash pick-up programs, all the way from Fort Morgan, Alabama, to Panama City Beach, Florida.  

“The Gulf Coast is strewn with unmindful litter that is not only destroying the beauty of the beaches but also endangering marine life. We are committed to make our shores, waterways, and marine life clean and safe through our responsible trash pickup programs”, stated the leading spokesperson from Eco Clean Marine.  

The organization is not only dedicated to clean up trash along the Gulf Coast but is also focused on creating awareness about the significance of trash pick-up among the local community. In that light, Eco Clean Marine organizes trash pick-up events every month around Panhandle beach areas to involve more people in the initiative.

“Trash cleanup is a huge project and has to be done meticulously on a consistent basis. And for that, you need to create awareness to sensitize the local community about the significance of garbage cleanup. Our trash pick-up events are designed to bring awareness about the problem and especially, about proactive involvement from every individual from the local community. We believe, together, we will be able to keep the Gulf Coast clean and our marine life healthy.” 

Interestingly, Eco Clean has found a beautiful way to make the best of the collected trash. The organization donates the collected garbage straight to a local artist for reuse and upcycle.  

“Our vision is to inspire others to share our vision to keep the beaches, waterways, and marine life happy and safe.” 

Eco Clean Marine has recently bought and donated a trash can to  the famous seafood restaurant, The Original Oyster House in Gulf Shores, Alabama. There was a trash problem under the gazebo, and Eco Clean Marine stepped up by buying a trashcan and having a local artist decorate the trash can with recycled art, so people have a place to throw away their trash. 

“We are glad that we have been able to support The Original Oyster with the much-needed trash can just before the tourist season.” 

Eco Clean Marine also offers a wide range of merchandise to choose from, ranging from tees, racerback tank tops, and more. 100% of profits from merchandise goes back into Eco Clean Marine. 

For more information, please visit https://mycleaneco.com

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