Handheld Paint Baking Lamp Is Easy and Fast To Use

Handheld Paint Baking Lamp Is Easy and Fast To Use
DATOU BOSS Car Infrared Paint Curing Lamp1000W (DT-002)
Datou Boss offers top-quality handheld paint baking lamp that is powerful, easy to use and available with many useful features.

Introducing the Datou Boss Car Infrared Paint Curing Lamp, which is certainly easy and fast to use. Made from high-quality aluminium alloy, the front section of the lamp uses aluminium alloy mesh. The back section includes an aluminium alloy sheet that is available with several small holes. It helps in enhancing the heat dissipation function and works to improve the service life.

There are many different applications for heating lamps. These are used for drying filler, engine drying, as a painting tool for spot repairs, for local pint drying, as a paint curing lamp, as paint booth heat lamps, auto body heat lamps, as an auto spray in a paint room and a lot more. They can even be used for simple preheating before spraying.

The baking lamps are capable of solidifying 300*150mm (11.8*5.9 in). The working temperature can reach as much as 60-80¡ãC (140-176¡ãF). These are equipped with a strong 1000W shortwave infrared lamp, which ensures that the heat flows back through the coating.

Highly Efficient:

This shortwave infrared is best known for its immense luminous efficiency. It has strong penetrating power. With its high thermal efficiency, it can easily penetrate the layers of paint, helping it to dry out completely not just from the inside but from the outside as well. As a result, the surface gloss is quite high, and the coating adhesion is quite powerful. With such great efficiency, it is possible to reduce all kinds of tears and wrinkles. This ensures complete smoothness without any need for rework.

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About Xdatou:

Xdatou is the online store that offers Dataou Boss car infrared paint curing lamp that is best known for its high-efficiency and easy to use functions. The products offered are best known for their energy saving, high efficiency and excellent quality. The product is used as paint curing lamp, as paint booth heat lamps, auto body heat lamp.

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