Hinyx set to lunch its MS10 two-in-one foldable magnetic fast wireless charger on Kickstarter on 17th August, 2022

Hinyx, a Chinese-based pioneer in the wireless charging market, is introducing its MS10 two-in-one foldable magnetic fast wireless charger on Kickstarter.

Over the last few years, as wireless has become the norm, there has been an increase in magnetic features for wireless chargers. Some believe regular wireless chargers are not worth buying, as they do not allow one to use the phone while charging. For wireless charging to occur, electricity has to transfer between the wireless charger and the phone via a short magnetic field. Moving away from the phone breaks the field, as well as breaks the charging.

However, with a magnetic wireless charger like Hinyx’s MS10 magnetic fast wireless charge, one doesn’t need to worry about where to place the phone on the charger. Users can mount power banks and charging cases to the back of the device, providing consistent power throughout the day. The magnetic wireless charging metal stand of Hinyx’sHinyx’s MS10 is a compact and portable device that can be adjusted to suit one’s needs. A high-speed wireless charger can be easily carried during travel or business trips. It was designed such that the user can magnetically snap the device onto the charger stably and securely, and release the hands for other uses.

It is said that “Does it better” will always beat “did it first”. Hinyx may not be the inventors of the magnetic fast wireless charger technology, but they have sure taken their own product to new heights; they are simply doing it better. Established in 2018, Hinyx is committed to developing wireless chargers in good quality, long durability, and stable charging condition while designing them in a simple but stylish style.

Speaking about its new product, the company’s CEO said: “Wireless charging is becoming the standard for flagship smartphones, so Hinyx We utilize the latest wireless charging technology approved by Qi protocol that supports ultra-high speed charging up to 15W to juice your phone up rapidly. Our charger contains Magnetic (smaller) & Non-magnetic (larger) charging areas. The magnetic charging area is for iPhone Mag-safe series models, and the other base supports all Qi protocol charging devices: wireless earbuds, iPhones, and Android phones.”

As usual, Hinyx put thought and purpose into its product. The whole body and the shaft of the Hinyx MS10 2 in1 Foldable Magnetic Fast Wireless Charger are made of zinc alloy — a kind of metal material that has a higher density than aluminum alloy, ensuring firmness and durability. The overall metal texture makes it strong and delicate. The chassis is thickened to ensure the stability of the center of gravity. The non-slip cover is made of skin-friendly material, giving its user a good feeling.

Hinyx is famed for attaching a lot of importance to combining high-tech function with elegant product appearance. This is because the company’s core production services are enshrined in developing the functions and simplifying the design of its products, a prerequisite they used on the MS10 2 in1 Foldable Magnetic Fast Wireless Charger. “It encourages us to keep improving our products to meet various needs of our customers”, declared the CEO of Hinyx.

To have an in-depth look at the Hinyx MS10 2 in1 Foldable Magnetic Fast Wireless Charger, checkout the company’s page on Kickstarter.

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