Don’t rely on AI – Transcription Puppy is the trusted way to have files transcribed in just 24 hours

This full-scale transcription service offers quick and accurate results at an affordable rate.

Transcription Puppy is the fast, accurate, and affordable way to have digital audio and video files transcribed. The company has worked with leading brands and businesses such as Samsung, BBC, Fox News, Princeton University, and New York University.

When it comes to video or audio transcription, accuracy is essential. If words are misspelled, or the text is unclear, readers won’t understand the intended message. Not only is this confusing, but it can also result in diminished trust in your company and even a loss of sales. The standard accuracy rate is 99 percent, which means there could be about 15 errors for every 1,500 words. 

Many businesses turn to artificial intelligence (AI)-driven transcription services because they can transcribe files instantly. And while they are growing more accurate, they often aren’t at the standard accuracy rate because the AI only learns after a mistake has been made and corrected. In contrast, human transcription services are far more accurate.


Transcription Puppy’s expert transcribers serve clients in the business, academic, legal, and medical industries. It offers transparent pricing based on the length of a customer’s file, from $.69 per minute, and guarantees 99 percent accuracy. In addition, there is no extra charge for multiple speakers, low-quality audio, accents, or specialized terminology. 

Transcription services are completed in five easy steps:

1. Submit a digital audio or video file.
2. Submit payment.
3. The first transcriptionist transcribes file to text.
4. The second transcriptionist listens to the file and checks the transcription.
5. Transcription is complete and delivered. 

The expert transcribers at Transcription Puppy have at least five years of experience and have undergone rigorous testing. In addition, because two transcribers work on every project, the company can guarantee optimal accuracy. All transcribers sign non-disclosure agreements, so businesses can be confident their sensitive information is kept private.

Recordings that are an hour long or less and not complex can be transcribed within one day. Files are delivered digitally to increase convenience and speed. 



Transcription Puppy’s human transcribers guarantee 99 percent accuracy and offer a 24-hour turnaround on most audio and video files.

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