Author, L.C. Renie Continues Advocation for Mental Health and Suicide Prevention with Two New Episodes of the Unshattered Love Book Series

In addition to thrilling readers with the Unshattered Love book series, L.C. Renie is a huge advocate for adopting good mental health practices and suicide prevention. She encourages people, especially those who are struggling to embrace help in the form of reaching out for assistance. She highlights that there is no shame in wanting to feel better and happier about oneself. The renowned author has revealed that two new titles await release: “Dark Light Rythm” and “Paris in September.” 

Both novels are contemporary adult romance pieces that nestle upon the need for self-love and how there is always something to live for. Thanks to Renie’s masterful writing, the characters go through realistic emotional hurdles. The author hopes that readers can find bits of themselves in the book as they flip through the pages. In addition to the romance, Renie also fuses drama, crime, and live-action in the plots to keep readers glued. 

In other news, the new dial-988-telephone number, Suicide, and Crisis Lifeline, is now available nationwide. This is expected to be a welcome development among all advocates of health and wellness. The free-to-call number was established for one reason, to save lives. In addition to being free, it provides confidential help for those in crisis. The emergence of the number took thousands of effort and input from individuals and organizations, resulting in a major victory for the suicide prevention movement.

With Renie on one side churning out mind-blowing episodes for the Unshattered Love series and the suicide movement on the other making concrete effort to avert suicide and encourage good mental health practices, there is everything to be hopeful for.

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