Iman Osman releases her baking book, “Sweet Love.”

Iman Osman is excited to announce the release of her new baking book “Sweet Love,” which is now available on major platforms like Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Apple Books, and Kobo.

A passionate fire was lit in Iman Osman from a very young age as she watched her grandma in the kitchen. This fire has burned brighter over the years, pushing Iman towards exploring the kitchen in her own style and carrying on secrets passed down from generations.

The release of Iman Osman’s “Sweet Love” marks the start of a great new chapter as she shares great baking tips and recipes from her family. Iman is a passionate baker and author who hopes to share what she has learned from generations of passionate cooks in her family. Iman began writing down recipes passed down from her grandma and now features them in her baking book while preserving their originality. 

Iman opened her first bakery a decade ago. Her love for food has remained with her since she was young, and she knew it was a path she wanted to pursue when she grew up. She now co-owns the brand Angelica with her sister – a factory renowned for its healthy breakfast cereals and baked goods for families. Iman shares that her love for food continues to grow by the day.

For Iman, her book is an incredible blend of artful baking and pastries reminiscent of generational love for baking. 


Sharing her family’s pride in baking has brought her so much joy. She shares that working on “Sweet Love” has been a pleasure, a walk down memory lane, reliving all the sweet desserts, fun recipes, and conversations she had with her grandma as she learned how to bake. 

Iman says baking is a shared family activity that brings people together. Learning something from family and passing it along to the next generation is a true privilege. In the case of Iman, she is excited to share this extraordinary recipe compilation with the world. She hopes the book will help some discover their hidden love for baking, bring some families closer in their shared love for baked sweets and spark lively conversations that become lifetime memories.

“Sweet Love,” tells stories of connection, love, and classic desserts. The book is a compilation of incredible sharing, making new memories, and sweet pastries. “The intention behind this book is to revive bonding, love, appreciation, and connection throughout generations of families through the love of baking.”


“Sweet Love” is also a perfect book for people with an insatiable sweet tooth. As a sweet tooth herself, Iman understands the deep craving for sweet desserts, and this book presents a variety of recipes. Iman’s extensive experience in baking has helped her curate a book that is sure to become a family favorite for many people.

“Sweet Love” is available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Apple Books, and Kobo. Get the book today.

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