New 2022 Research Highlights The Link Between Art and Mental Health in Young Adults

LoveFunArt, a Canadian art education institution focusing on people over the age of 15, welcomes the recent issue of the reputable The Arts in Psychotherapy publication, which contains findings from a number of studies emphasizing the benefits art can have on the mental health of young adults.

Among the highlights, one paper underlined the potential of creative and expressive arts in supporting mental health care. ‘Recent statistics have shown that post-pandemic, In Canada youth aged 15 to 24 are now less likely to report excellent or very good mental health, in comparison with other groups. When we think about how stigmatized mental health still is and how difficult it can be to access timely and supportive services, it becomes even clearer why looking at alternatives makes sense. From seeing art as a standalone hobby, therapy or a career pathway, creative expression is definitely something to be looked at when trying to boost mental health’, a key LoveFunArt representative explained.

Other relevant papers from the issue looked at a number of various ways in which art can positively support the mental health of people and equip them with the right tools to cope better. Namely, the potential of self-drawing to serve as an efficient assessment tool of the mental health states of physical assault survivors; results from a year-long art-making program in Fiji; or the health-related implications of Indigenous and traditional art practices, among many other important studies.

‘While we know we need more data to substantiate and better understand the impact arts can have on mental health, these findings are extremely encouraging, and they are helping build the foundation of what we already suspected – art can make a positive difference in the lives of people struggling everywhere. Through our own work, we have seen how much of an impact our classes have on the wellbeing of our students, and I am certain we can all agree that anything that activates the creative mind is beneficial for you‘, concluded the spokesperson.

Drawings and paintings have been historically recognized as useful in aiding mental health. Yet, there are several significant gaps in the existing data pool in terms of applications beyond the doctor’s office which is why institutions like LoveFunArt are committed to continue highlighting the benefits and any new evidence generated.

LoveFunArt has also started to offer art portfolio preparation coaching in Vancouver, BC.

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